What happened to the playlists in the tracklist?

Roon used to show the playlists that a track belonged to in the tracklist of an Album. Was this removed? Or can I enable an option to restore the previous behavior? If it was removed… PUT IT BACK! :slight_smile:

Weird, are you sure that track is still in a playlist? It seems to be working for me.

The playlists were definitely there. I could go to the playlists in the menu and select them without any issues.

I just deleted the playlists and re-imported them, and everything is back to normal; they were all m3u playlists from Foobar.

Thanks for confirming they should have been there.

Update… Roon dropped the playlists again.

Not sure what’s going on in your system, but Playlist entries are showing up in Album listings as usual here: