What happened to the ‘track played’ frequency counter?

For as long as I can remember, in the Artist page, Roon used to list my most played tracks for that artist ranked by the number of times they had been played. I really liked this feature because it permitted a quick and easy way of playing favourite tracks without having to create hundreds of playlists to achieve the same effect. Also, it had the benefit of being dynamic as it was continually updated by reference to what I listened to.

Now, this list has been replaced by a smaller list of ‘Popular’ tracks. Popular being by somebody else’s definition, definitely not mine. Has this most played’ feature been removed or can it be selected somewhere? I have looked through the Settings and cannot see anything there.

It’s still possible to watch them via Tracks → select Artist → There you can select it.
Not ideal I must say…

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Yes, you are right. Thanks for the tip.

I don’t really use Tracks view, so I’d forgotten that there is a little settings cog to the right and the No’ of plays filter can be added to the view in there. It’s a bit unwieldy by comparison, but gets the job done. I wonder why they made the change - the ‘Popular’ filter that is now used is of no real use to me, but I guess others may see it differently.

The popular section is of no value to me either. I prefer to decide for myself what I want there …

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