What happens if I do NOT renew my Roon yearly membership right away?

Just curious as to the process here.
My renewal is due April 16th, I have been a Roonie for just one year.
What if I do NOT renew my subScription right away and want to experiment with other options like my Lumin app or BubbleUPnP?
Is all my data saved?
If I decide in say 6 months or 9 months or whatever that yes I want to go with Roon again is that still classed as a renewal or do I have to start off fresh all over again?
So I guess I mean is there a time limit to halting my renewal before it becomes not a simple renewal any longer?

As I understand it your data is saved in the local database and your streaming service favourites. I don’t think Roon store much apart from your account/subscription details and a track of live cores (there can be only one). So ensure you keep a backup and restore this when you return I guess. This isn’t a definitive answer and I’m going to move this to the support area where somebody can give your an official answer, if that’s OK?



Absolutely Carl, no worries!

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I let my subscription lapse for a nearly a year and in that time Roon had a couple updates. I hadn’t touched my previous Roon files on the external HD where I had it stored and when I re-subscribed a couple months ago (before 1.8 came out) all of my files, playlists and preferences were just as I had left them after a new, relatively quick, scan.

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That’s one potential hitch. Updates are known to change/update the database. It’s unlikely that backward compatibility with historic DBs is forever…

Hi @AceRimmer

All of your Roon data is stored in your Roon database — As long as your database is still there, you can renew your subscription and start back with Roon right where you left off.

I’d also recommend making a backup and storing it in a safe location. That way, if you choose to return to Roon, even if something happened to your Core machine in the meantime or you just want to use a different device, you can ensure that all of your Roon data is safely kept in the backup and can be restored once you join back up.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

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Thanks Dylan!
Thats about all I need to know for now!

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