What happens if I keep Qobuz and drop Tidal?

I have subscriptions to both for Roon, but am considering dropping Tidal in favor of Qobuz. My question is about what will happen to my extensive list of Tidal favorites in Roon that I’ve built up over the years. Do they vanish, or do they convert to their Qobuz equivalents? Or something else? Thanks

Check out soundiiz.com, I haven’t used it but I’ve seen it mentioned on the Qobuz site, it apparently can convert favorites and playlists between services like Tidal and Qobuz.

I was looking at this last night. From what I can gather you need to register and pay for soundiiz.com as only the premium features allow you to move albums, play counts etc across. I suspect you then unlink your tidal account from roon and qobuz takes over.

Has anyone done this? Any tips? I still can’t decide between the two.

You can pay for Soudiiz premium on a monthly basis and cancel at any time, at least that’s my plan.

BTW - After I converted to Qobuz. on a trial basis, I found 25% of my Tidal picks missing.

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I just completed this transition last weekend. I briefly looked at soundiz and decided against it as well. I created a focus list of Tidal albums and then manually added a Qobuz version and deleted the Tidal version.

At the end of the exercise, I had less than 50 albums that were only available in Tidal. I disconnected my Tidal account, and those albums disappeared. As the final step, I ran Library Maintenances function and Roon cleaned up the orphaned metadata.


I used Soundiiz to convert from Tidal to Qobuz. Paid the fee of $4.50 and had the whole thing finished in about 15-20 minutes. 1700 albums discovered 100%. Be sure to then resync within Roon the “My favorite” Qobuzz albums or they won’t appear in the library.

Yep, just pay 4.50 and it will transfer your favorites list as well as possible. I think most people get over 90%. Then once it’s done you can cancel, or cancel before the next monthly charge.

Another vote for soundiiz.
Made the transition very simple. Has a bunch of other uses as well.

Yep, concur, i have done that and have not looked back.
There were a few albums not available on Qobuz that I had via Tidal, so I simply bought them, a few where difficult to get like the David Munyon stuff, but a friend working in the US helped out there.
All good, still much prefer Qobuz, dont even think about Tidal now and to be honest, I always disliked its interface.

I am just not sure Qobuz is £10 a month better than tidal. Its around £15.50 a month for tidal and £24.99 for Qobuz.

Now I know how I might go about dropping Tidal I just can’t quite do it yet. I know I could pay a yearly amount to Qobuz which would bring the price down by half.

My issue is Android auto. I have to use Tidal in the car. I may use the family plan with my wife on Spotify to do this, then I can use that in the car

The pricing disparity is only about $5 here in the US - I’ll pay that to be treated like an adult and not have every new hip/hop/trap single shoved down my throat in the what’s new section.


That was another nail in the coffin for Tidal, agree with you there.

I did a platform to platform transfer @alex_wood between tidal and qobuz. It seems to work, but not showing any difference in Roon yet. I assume I just wait a bit! Did you have to wait long?

If you did a Soundiiz transfer to Qobuz, your selections should showup in Qobuz/Roon immediately.
Are they available in the Qobuz app? If yes, you should see them in Roon if you added your Qobuz login to Roon.

If not, you need to look at Soundiiz and see what didn’t work. Does it say the transfer was completed?

Thanks @danny2. I started another thread and it seems like this is a known issue roon/qobuz are trying to resolve.

The transfer did seem to work in Soundiiz and I see my stuff in the Qobuz app but not in Roon.

I’d try the whole Soundiiz thing again from scratch. I had to do it twice before I got what I wanted.

Presumably if you swap from Tidal to Qobuz you loose any Tags or changes you’ve made to albums e.g. merging albums? I’ve already put in a fair bit of time on Tags and that is important to me so I’d need a good reason to swap.

I understand why some people don’t like the pop focus of the Tidal app but it’s not much of an issue from within Roon is it? They also pay better rates to artists and as far as I can make out the catalogues are very similar.
Can anyone explain any other reasons to swap to Qobuz?

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It is worth the price, to save all of your playlists and transfer them to the new account. It is very intuitive, quick, and effortless. Remember, not all the tracks may be available on the new service.

The Audiophile magazines, are actually saying that Tidal has significantly better quality (More accurate) sound than Qobuz, and Tidal also has a way larger data base, I would never even think of changing, why??? Am happy with what I currently have, Tidal, Roon, Teac, and Topping.

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