What happens if Roon subscription lapses? [Answered]

I’ve had a couple of emails informing me my payment details need updating to take this year’s subscription payment. Not a problem except we’re moving houses and I’m unable to use Roon for a few weeks anyway.

That being the case, when Roon automatically ‘cancels’ my subscription, does it delete all my settings/library management, etc., or just go ‘dormant’ so I can re-activate when my system is up and running again?

Seems silly to waste a month or more’s subscription when I can’t use it anyway (I haven’t used it already for about 6-weeks during this process when I was subscribed, so…).


I had the same question a few months back and I was told nothing would be lost or deleted in-between your lapse and your renewal.
As long as you use same credentials of course.
You should be all set.

Good luck with the house move.


@AceRimmer’s memory is correct. See