What happens if?

I am satisfied with Roon and all support offered by Roon Labs. When there is a technical problem, most of the time the problem is solved in a wink. By @danny.
There is my concern:
Roon development == Danny Dulai?
I assume that Roon Labs takes time to document all the engineering. So, would Danny leave the company (I do not want to think of worse things) the development is still going on?
From my own experience I know that this could be a problem: the show must go on and there are not enough resources for maintenance and documentation.

A few of the team might be scratching their heads at that one! (With no disrespect to Danny obviously)

Scratching head :wink:

Hi @Arie_van_Boxel. I can reassure you that, even if your own experience is that Danny solves your problems:

Roon development > Danny Dulai

In fact, we’ve even grown the development team in the last 12 months. It’s worth adding that Danny is a co-founder of Roon and our COO, so his leaving is – frankly – not on the cards.

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Thank you @joel,

I was not only talking about leaving.
But it is good to know that Roon’s development is done by a bigger team.

I do far less development than anyone else on our dev team… It wasn’t always the case, but I’ve been focused on keeping the company running for the last 2 years.

I always see your name. Just out of curiosity.
Keep on doing the good work.

Seeing Danny in here frequently only confirms his passion for the product and dedication to ensure its success I’m positive of that. There are many names in roon - see the about screen and the roon team.

It’s a credit to such a dedicated team to be able to support not just the ongoing development but also to dedicate time here to assist with helping those users who need it and to get to the bottom of any issues that are causing problems or even just some confusion.