What happens to internal storage on update/reinstall?

The fact that an internal music storage disc will be reformatted, will that happen every time you update and/or reinstall ROCK on the Nuc?

It hasn’t so far. Updates have taken a few seconds once triggered and the library remains intact.

Well, the ROCK page in the KB does say:

  • Internal storage (for music content) can be any size, and can be an SSD or a spinning disk.
  • Internal storage (for music content) WILL be reformatted, so don’t put your music on it and expect it to work… you will need to copy your music to it via the network share exposed, or via Roon drag/drop import

However, I think that reformatting of the music drive only occurs, or is necessary, the very first time ROCK is installed. Subsequent re-installations don’t seem to reformat the drive. But the definitive word should come from @mike

It only is formatted if and when you hit the format button on the web ui.

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