What happens to playlists if Tidal goes out of business?

For those who have a Nucleus or computer based Roon, what would happen if Tidal or Qobuz go out of business? Will it be possible for them to recover their playlists data from Roon?

If Tidal goes away so do it’s playlists. I do not know of a way to recover them.
I would think the same would be true for Qobuz.

If this is a concern for you then your could export them as a backup. You would then have list of tracks but obviously the playlist itself would not work as is as it points to a non-existent path/source if Tidal or Qobuz are gone.

One hopes that they warn us timely. You then can transfer your playlists to another streaming service. You can use https://soundiiz.com/ for that for instance.

Thank you. I do Nucleus back-up on a regular basis on external ssd drive. To your knowledge, I would recover all the playlists and songs, I mean the data for the latter, so I would be able to find them at a new provider et reconstruct the playlists?

If you are just doing the Roon Back-up (i.e. backing up your Roon settings, history, playlists, etc. using the Roon back-up feature) it would not be an easy or straight forward thing to “recover” your playlists from backup location. Take a look in your backup directory and you will see what I mean. The data is not easy to search through. It is basically a database file structure that the Roon OS reads so not something that is easily “browsed” through manually.

If, however you export your playlists, either Soundiiz or Excel, you would be able to get a listing of tracks and artists for each playlist at the very least. I have not tried to use one of those formats for this purpose so how easy it would be is unknown to me.

If you try it, let us know. I am sure many a lot of are concerned.

I wont be trying it any time soon. I have limited playlists as it is and would just rebuild them if needed.

I create playlists in Roon using albums linked from Qobuz. I then use Soundiz to export the playlists from Roon to both Tidal and Qobuz. Soon after, both Tidal and Qobuz send those playlists back to Roon as Tidal and Qobuz playlist. So, I have three copies of every playlists. I also export all of them to Apple Music using Soundiz.


Great! I’ll try and it!

Its unlikely that all music providers go out of business at the same moment!

Of course. I didn’t raise the issue, you did.

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You are wright. I did not know how to export to excel nor to transfer my playlists to another provider. I have over 100 playlists and became nervous to loose them over time. Thank you very much.


I export to CSV file. Soundiz works well for this.

Have you translated any Roon playlists via CSV to Plex? I haven’t been able to get it to work. (soundiiz) (All local files)

I’ve never used Plex.

Ok. It’s a hedge against Internet outages, and the playback/remote app, PlexAmp, is what ARC will be one day.

If that’s what they’re going for it still needs work… I still click PlexAmp more than ARC when I’m out of the house looking for music.

The ARC GUI is prettier but the PlexAmp app is more reliable for me and supports transcoding files to lower bit rate when saving to the phone.

If Tidal ever dies it’ll take MQA with it. That might not be so bad. :joy: :rofl::joy:

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