What happens to Roon if the installation dies

What happens to my ROON, if something happens to the ROON software ? By this I mean is it as easy as just downloading ROON again, and logging in and ROON is back to the way it was ?

Is all of my ROON stored on my PC or is some of it offline somewhere ? Is this all in just a ROON folder or is some of it get loaded elsewhere ?

If I wanted to backup/copy ROON to reload on a replacement SSD, and get back up and running as before ? How big of a file is it overall ?

This may seem mundane to some, but I want to be sure if I or somebody tries to add a new SSD for OS and ROON, that all of the proper ROON files gat backed up for an easy reload.

I know ROON is doing backups, but I guess I o not know what is going in those backups.

Sorry if being to elementary for some, but I want to be sure it comes out correct.

Are you using roon backups? If so then your metadata, playlists etc are getting backed up. Your music is not.
The backup size depends on your library size, you can see how big it is by looking at it on disk.
More information here.

Thanks I did just find some other info digging around here, and yes I am backing up with ROON.

I guess I am lost at when you use the backup, you use it with a newly downloaded Roon to the new drive and start the back up there ?

Roon is the “database”, and this is what gets backed up. Your music files are never touched by Roon, only read. These you should backup independently. If anything “happens to Roon”, your music should be totally safe. Re-install the Roon app, perform a database restore, and off you go again :slight_smile:

If you have a failure, install roon on the replacement equipment then restore from the backup. This will take you back to the status as of your backup date.

Thanks all, this helped and guided me to more info.

Since I have not done that much with ROON yet, I just looked up the last backup.

It says it is only 391MB, 1408 Files and 1636 Folders.

Any reason I can’t just put this on a thumb drive ?

Nope, you can. But it may be slower than backen it up to a harddisk. For that reason I use 7zip to grab the whole backup directory in one 7zip-file, and transfer this to the thumbdrive. It’s much quicker, but my backup is 12 GB, so yours mau a lot quicker just backing up to the thumbdrive.