What happens when I "Add to Library"

New here but a Tidal subscriber for sometime now. What actually happens when I “Add to library” in Roon or Tidal? Does Roon just save a link to the album or does it download something into my Library file in my core system?

Once I’ve added a tidal selection to my library and if I already have a ripped version in my library, does Roon choose the best quality to play if I create a playlist?


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It’s just bookmarks. You can only download within Tidal app (for travel etc). Not sure how Roon decides the default version, especially if you already have a ripped version in your library, but you can choose your favorite version manually afterwards. If it’s a new album, I think Roon chooses the best Tidal version as default.

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Roon chooses the highest resolution. There are many threads debating whether that means the highest quality, which comes from the best master etc :slightly_smiling_face:

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The quality depends on the tier of subscription. If you have HiFi then you get cd quality flac if it’s available or if it has it in mqa it will use that one. You can override the primary version if you don’t want MQA. As others have said it will choose your own version over Tidal of its deemed the higher quality. If this ends up being Tidal instead as I said you can edit which you prefer as the primary version.

Adding to library does that it will add an entry in Roons database to play it direct from Tidal. Adding in Roon will also sync back to your favourites in Tidal, adding in Tidal will sync back to Roon. Playlists only sync one way though from Tidal to Roon. Playlists in Roon are just for Roon as they can contain anything from your library not just Tidal.


Thanks for the explanation. That really helps.

As this is an interesting topic for me, i will point out that Roon has multiple types of playlists and is aware of each. As you pointed out, a Roon playlist can have local and streamed tracks. There can also be Tidal playlists, Qobuz playlists now, and local playlists. There is no technical reason the software couldn’t update these and allow you to add Tidal tracks to Tidal playlists. The Roon product team currently chose not to allow this but I hope they reconsider.

Lets say you have multiple streaming sources - Tidal and Qobuz- and you add a track or album that exists on both platforms from one of them - say Qobuz - either because you’re not paying close attention or you maybe you want the highest resolution available.

At a later date, you drop one of those subscriptions (Qobuz for this example).

Is Roon smart enough to switch you over a Tidal version?

I think the answer is yes but would like to verify. Focus allows you to select sources - local, Tidal, Qobuz - so it appears that is saved somewhere within Roon’s database.

A couple articles relating to the question that don’t quite give the answer…

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