What happens when you get a new core?

What happens when you get a new core ?

Do you lose anything that is on your old core ? Settings, special editing to album titles, Qobuz titles you had saved, etc…

I signed into the new core to be sure it worked, after signing out of the old core, and it is fine. So now what ?

I searched and found some info, but is there somewhere that I can find this info ?


If you didn’t not do it already, you log in to your old core and make a backup to a USB key. Log in to your new Core and restore backup.

This might help

Thank you exactly what I believe I needed.

What happens if I had already logged into the new core to be sure I could, and also ripped one CD into the internal storage, to try out the cd ripper package. Does this upset the process ?

Not really. You might have to re-rip at the worst. At the best, after the backup restores, the core will see the rips and re-identify them. You will loose any playback counts though you did on the new Core.

Thanks Daniel !

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