What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?

(GaryM) #41

The Doomsday clock is the closest to midnight since the 1950s. Lifetime is getting shorter all the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jim Austin) #42

Does that make a lifetime subscription seem cheaper–or more expensive ???

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(Rémi) #43

Makes it “priceless” :slight_smile:

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(JohnV) #44

The Roon clock reads, “10:47” :smile:

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Does the same apply to annual subscribers?

(Danny Dulai) #46

Yes, it would apply to all users of Roon.

The thing you are subscribing to is the data services and updates.

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Upgrading from annual to lifetime
(Warren ) #47

Hello Danny
Would love to know, if you can share the information, just how big is the lifetime user base? Just curious.

(Danny Dulai) #48

The internals of our financials are not public for obvious reasons, and this information falls under that umbrella.

(Colin Mills) #49

Lifetime subscription here I come …

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Some people are speculating the the lifetime subscription will disappear some day.

Possible to comment on that ?

(Danny Dulai) #52

We debate killing it every few months. Nothing will change for existing lifetimes at that point. The only change will be the inability to buy new lifetimes.

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(wydi) #53

Just get the lifetime subscription now and forget about it. Got mine 1.5 years ago and never looked back.

(Andrew Cox) #54

Three years lifetime. Two to go and it’s pure profit.

(Dick Vliek) #55

And all the money you earned by restraining yourself and not bying the best new dac :rofl:

(Robert ) #56

Think of it as a piece of equipment. Audiophiles spend / lose $500 for equipment all the time.

The biggest IF in my book is access to a Roon capable streaming service, and should Tidal fail, someone is likely to fill the void.

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Same here :sunglasses:

(Andrew Cox) #58

Every time I visit this thread I congratulate myself on manfully resisting the urge to point out that the whole problem of lifetime subscribers if Roon should fail could be solved by having all the lifers rounded up when it happens and shot.

It would be like the Monty Python organ donor sketch:

“Did you, or did you not tick “I Agree” to the terms and conditions regarding lifetime subscription ?”

(Jim Austin) #59

I’m sure this has been mentioned often, maybe even in this conversation–if so, forgive me.

I often wish there was partial credit toward a lifetime sub for those of us who lacked faith in the past and have subscribed annually for years. I wouldn’t expect full credit–just a substantial discount considering that we’ve already paid a good bit.


(Chris ) #60

That’s the gambol as I see it. No harm asking though …

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(Jim Austin) #61

Agreed. I’d just like to see it be a little less punitive for those of us who either were cash-strappe or lacked faith.