What hardware would support my configuration on Intel Nuc?

I’ve been running Roon Core on a non-dedicated powerful PC. I’ve got it dialed in and am now interested moving to a Nuc/Roon Rock machine (or possibly a used Nucleus, though I bet they are hard to come by).

So I listen to a lot of high rez recordings, including DSD 512 and DXD up to 32bit/384Khz. I also use the parametric EQ and the headroom management. So some DSP. I do not upsample. I send everything to a Stack II Ropieee endpoint which works great. I have about 14,000 tracks/files stored now with a 4TB SSD and use Qobuz and Tidal for streaming.

I tried HQP and didn’t find it worth the bother for what it does at the maximum my endpoint will support.

What Intel Nuc Specs would I need to comfortably playback those high rez files with the amount of DSP I am using?

That is i3 Nucleus territory but I’d probably go i5 on a supported NUC