What has happened to Taylor Swift?

When you list top tracks none of the tracks are from 1989 which in my oppinion is a very good record and probably her best so far.

Could it be that roon is unaware of an album that has been available since 2014 from one of the biggest stars of today…

I can’t help but feel Kanye’s behind it somehow …


Taylor Swift did not allow any streaming services to play 1989. Actually I don’t remember if Spotify or Tidal had an 8 bit 1989 album (no lyrics) that sounded hilarious. Anyway, this is not a problem either from Roon nor Tidal, but from Swift, a pity…

The Ryan Adams version is available. Not the same thing but an interesting album.

I’ve listened to Ryans version a few times, never Swift’s.

The CD is from 2014.

I have the CD an it shows up but none of the tracks on that album qualifies as a top track for the artist which is weird. I am fully aware that the only place to stream 1989 is at apple music but they don’t even offer CD quality sound. roon is not all about streaming it’s about handling your own precious physical collection as well.

I like a lot of her new tracks so I’m kind of stumped why they don’t show up as top tracks some of them. It’s 2016 and streaming has clearly not replaced your physical collection. Tidal have far too many gaps to be completely relied on and then we have artists like Adele who is keeping her 25 album away from all streaming services. We also have metallica who is stubborn enough not to allow lossless streaming. Then there is the minor limitations where single tracks are unavailable for streaming which can be annoying as the only workaround is to buy the full album. For instance Rihanna’s Loud. The last track Love The Way You Lie (Part II) - Rihanna, Eminem is unavailable. Rammstein which has to some extent arrived on spotify is completely missing. While Spotify is actually missing the remastered Made in Germany compilation CD.

@Ulf_Jalmbrant – and my 1 year old daughter’s favorite band, Tool, won’t stream anywhere either. (Not joking, she loves Elvis, Raffi, and most of all, Tool)

It’s our intention to release in 2016, a new solution to allow for a mobile device stream from TIDAL and your home library, in a seamless Roon experience. This should help fix the shittery that exists in the streaming world.


I’m sorry but you failed to even mention the actual topic of the discussion. Why is the album 1989 missing from Top Tracks in roon. I love the way you have prepicked the best tracks of an album but also having the best songs of an artist in top tracks is important.

I don’t know whether Top Tracks is sourced from third party providers like Allmusic or not, but suspect it is. I have to confess that it’s not part of Roon that I use at all. It feels like a little brother of favourites, something I might possibly pay attention to when first listening to an artist, and thereafter ignore. Before it consumed any development time I could happily do without it.

In my opinion debates about what is in or out of Top Tracks for any particular artist is not what we want the devs spending their time on. Such debates could be endless. Disagree with Allmusic by all means, mark your own favourites and discuss the relative merits of different tracks in this Music section of the forum. It’s a reasonable topic for discussion amongst users, and might even be something to raise with Allmusic. But wouldn’t you rather have the devs concentrating on other things ? Like a new mobile solution ?

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Your daughter has good taste in music already!!! They might even release a new record this year or next year or the year after… :laughing:

I have not listened much to Tool at all except in guitar hero and there they we’re frustrating as I wasn’t getting past them properly. Tool did a special deal and the levels where co-designed by Tool. While some music could be exported from GH4 into GH5 Tool obviously didn’t allow it.

Is Tool any good? Should I place them high on my to get list?

I think you should, but Tool is not music for the masses. Tool is also one of those bands that are hard to explain, compare. Tool is Tool, I guess.

You could have a listen on TIDAL to “A Perfect Circle”. This is a Maynard side project and will give you some idea how Tool sounds like.

In case you want to explore Tool, I would suggest to start with Lateralus followed by Undertow and Aenima.

The top artists who choose not to be streamed on (certain) websites is something we need to live with. Not that I am particularly fond of Adele, Swift and co. but this also applies to the Beatles or ACDC (only recently became available on major streaming services). It has nothing to do with Roon - it’s their choice, probably driven by financial considerations for which I don’t blame them (for example, Swift got a special deal with Apple Music which allowed them to stream her music when Spotify couldn’t). We are living in a buisiness-driven era…

It’s not really a business-driven era it’s just about buying physical albums like I do as lossless digital albums are generally not for sale. Having the physical copy is better in my oppinion as it offers more as well. Like extra polaroid photos or like with Rihanna LOUD a behind the scenes DVD.

Totally agree with the fact that getting a physical support is a must - just that today people (including me !) become lazy and want everything at once :slight_smile: