What HAT do you use?

I would like to start this thread to collect and compare all HAT´s to use with popieee!
If there is already a thread like this, i did not see…?

Until now I use Hifiberry. But because of some reasons you can read in on of my other topics I am just searching for repacement/other options. But I would like to avoid making my system worse!

Thanks for your opinion!

As for which is best I’m not sure you’re going to get much sense on that front, I expect you’ll get a bunch of people telling you the one they use currently is best, a bunch of people telling your the one they had before was rubbish and a bunch of people disagreeing with both those positions.

My take, having used several, there’s not an awful amount of difference between them, at least not amongst the obvious choices, but someone no doubt will be along shortly to disagree with that too :wink:


Thanks @j_a_m_i_e for your respond on this.

I agree with your first paragraph. I did not think about the audio quality at all when typing his thread…my fault.
There is more a software-support-relaibility thought in my topic - I did not mention that.

I terms of audio quality of the HAT´s - you named it!

I just have an issue with my hifiberry (software update issue) noboy is willing to address… so this issue persists since weeks now making the use of my HAT impossible. Thats why I ask what I ask.


I use a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro on a RPi3b connected vis optical (to KEF LS50W), Coax and BNC (to Yggdrasil DAC). Have considered a Pi2AES or an Allo DigiOne but cant really justify the cost. The DigiOne also does not have the connections I need.

I use none, just an external USB DAC. It’s the most flexible option.

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Hi and thanks for your reply!
No issues since the latest updates? (volume jumping to zero permanently)

thats certainly true…but not the smallest.
I would prefer a HAT with amp, to be able to attach speakers directly to the pi… because I use several roon endpoints in my house I need an “easy to mount somewhere” option. :wink:

You can also use powered speakers with an internal USB DAC for the smallest solution. I used Klipsch R-15PM for a while.

I use an Allo DigiOne Signature on a RPi4 and a Justboom Amp on a RPi3+. Both work flawlessly with RoPieee.

i use the Pi2AES HAT

I have a few.

3x HiFi Berry DAC2 HDs (which I think you know), One of these also has a AAMP 60 Board to drive the ceiling speakers in my shower room

1 PI2AES - sadly no longer available

2x Allo Digi One
1x Allo Katana (long discontinued)

The Katana and one of the Digi Ones were bought used.

In terms of issues - the used Digi One had a problem - and Allo were kind enough to give me a discount on a replacement, which has been fine.

I ran into the same issue you had with the DAC2HD and Ropieee - but I now just configure for DSP volume (which I suspect is better anyway) - and they seem to be fine. I do have an SD card with Hi Fi Berry OS just in case.

I replaced the Pi2 that came with the Katana so I could run the new Ropieee. I don’t think the Katana works with the Pi4.

If I were buying another I’d be very tempted by the new Allo BOSS2. I was very impressed with the Allo designer and his comments on DIY Audio.

No issues so far, updated to whatever the latest version is.