What HQP products do I need to buy?

My future setup:

  • Mac Mini M1 or i9-9900k for upsampling server
  • Intel NUC Celeron for NAA endpoint

A little unclear on what products from @jussi_laako I need to license/buy. Think I need HQP desktop for MM, or HQP Embedded for i9-9900k. But what about for the NUC endpoint? Thought I needed HQP OS on a USB boot disk but I can’t seem to find this on the HQP products website. Appreciate some guidance here before I purchase the wrong licenses.


You only need to buy one of either Desktop or Embedded, depending on whether you want to run in a GUI or headless server environment.

NAA and HQP OS are free downloads.


I’d recommend to use the free trial to decide.

It can be found under “images” folder on HQPlayer Embedded downloads.