What is being passed to my DAC at the moment if I play an MQA file?

By this I mean does the DAC receive 16/44?
24/48? Or what?

My Holo shows 48k so is it 24 bit?


Roon will send the whatever the sample rate / bit depth is of the container file / stream.

In your example this will be 48KHz / 24 bit.

So I should this CD quality or better than CD quality or is it 16/44 being interpreted as 24/48 due to the “container” you mention?


It can vary but the file you’re referring to is better than CD quality.

It doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that there is more info on this file than a Redbook file since it was recorded on analog equipment. It may be remastered, but that doesn’t mean there is more “there there”