What is best way to do a genre mix (w/Qobuz / Tidal in the mix)?

I’m struggling with finding a slick way to get a genre playlist going. For those of you who know the Spotify interface, even in the car, they have genre categories that you can quickly drill down into (for example, “Jazz > Moods > Summer”) and something starts playing. Great for a party when you don’t have to think about your music collection, or when your guests have very different tastes in music!

Recently I discovered the Spotify genre “stations” are merely playlists (it’s not Pandora after all) so I can use Soundiiz to copy the playlists over to Roon. I happen to have Spotify b/c my kids won’t use Qobuz, but short of copying playlists from another provider, what is the “Roon Way” to create such a thing?

Thank you for your suggestions.