What is happening to my library?

Good evening everyone: I’m new to this community of fans! I installed Roon 8 days ago and fell in love. I spend my free time on the knowledge base to learn and solve various problems. Among these there is one of which I cannot understand if the situation is normal or there is some problem.
In the attached figure,

the system tells me that 22471 tracks have been added, 22471 have been identified and that I have almost 45000 tracks. Actually I only have 22471 tracks.
This situation has been going on for at least 4 days (that is, since I realized it): the NAS, where only roon server is active, uses 82% of RAM and about 20% of CPU.
Maybe this situation is normal but when in doubt I ask for confirmation and if “it is not normal” I ask the community to tell me what I did wrong or what to do.
Thanks in advance.

A NAS is way underpowered and this will be typical until the whole library has been ingested and analysed. Turn off the analysis option in the Library settings in the day time and you can turn it on again when you go to bed

better yet get a more powerful core like a NUC

Not all NAS’ are built the same. Some more than satisfy the hardware requirements for Roon and have no issues with it at all…

Granted, the average home user’s NAS isn’t up to the job!

Looks similar to one of the issues I listed in my ‘guide’. Check for files under 10kb in your library and delete them.

Hi everyone. Just to say that now the library analysis seems to be over. I am aware that my NAS is not properly sized to house Roon’s core but having recently discovered it I still wanted to try the system. Now, compatibly with my budget, I will have to plan the purchase of a new NAS with at least one SSD for the library. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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Maybe consider alternatives and use your current NAS for backup duties ?

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