What is Nucleus solid state drive for?

I added a 2TB solid state drive to my Nucleus + thinking I would be able to have my library from the standard Nucleus memory constantly backing up onto it. Is this possible or did I waste my money? Or can it be used to store actual music files on instead? Or is it purely there to be utilized for the spill over of Roon library metadata once the standard memory is completely full?

This drive would be to hold your music file library in the first place, not to be a backup destination. The main drive of Nucleus is for the OS, Roon Server and the Roon database, nor for your music library.

Hi @David_Hopwood,

The Internal Storage drive is used to store music on your Nucleus. If you have any questions about doing that please let us know!

Thanks, I will use a USB drive for back ups instead

Actually, yes if you can provide some instructions on how to transfer music files onto the SSD, that would be helpful

There is a whole wealth of information available online: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Nucleus_Internal_Storage