What is purpose of Roon icon in BluOS devices?

When I wish to use the Bluesound zone within Roon, I just use the Roon app on my iPad and select this zone. I noticed the other day that in my Bluesound app, there is a Roon icon. When I select that icon, it shows what is playing via Roon. Plus, I can pause, stop or skip forward or backward. Beyond that, it doesn’t integrate any more of the Roon ecosystem. so I really don’t see much value in its use. Am I missing something?

You can use the bluos widget so no need to unlock your phone, tablet to control this endpoint. This shows play/ pauze,next,back buttons. This is way quicker then using roon to control the music playing

AND you can use any remote you have lying around which makes it even better

@stevev1 Hum, I still don’t get it.

I can’t select my music in BluOS. Still need to do it in Roon. I also don’t understand how it’s quicker than using Roon, as I use both BluOS and Roon apps on my iPad for control. Which one I select isn’t a faster option than the other.

Must be something I am missing!

Hi Michael, I think you’re missing the fact that the BluOS app comes with a so called “widget”. Those little control modules live on the “left side” of your iOS lock screen. To add the BluOS widget, scroll down in that view and tap “Edit” :slight_smile:

(I’m a huge Apple nut and I always forget to use them myself, but they can be quite handy.)

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