What is search searching on?

In album view, if I enter a search argument using the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen, what does it search on? If I enter ‘Bach’ (without the quotes) I’d expect to see all the albums that had Bach as an artist, composer, or as a string in the album title. What I see are a handful of the ‘Bach’ albums that I own. How does Roon decide what results to return?

i just had exactly the same problem…

I was searching for a specific Bach Cello Suite version, so I typed in bach and got this (after selecting to view all albums on the search results page)…

which is a small fraction of the albums related to bach of course…

When i type in bach cello I get this:

Which included the version i was seeking, yay!

But what’s going on? How does expanding the search criteria yield fewer effective results?

Is there a guide to searching so I can find things better?

@roon @support

please can you advise?


Isn’t this much the same?

I think there’s a maximum of 50 or so in a view all display. So if you have more than that your desired album may not have made the cut.

Hmm, not sure about that. I can exceed 50 sometimes.
Sorry for the duff information

I asked to get the results limit lifted but so far nobody cares much about it.

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