What is that !@#$% zapping noise?


I am enjoying Roon with one exception: I get a periodic “zapping” noise in both speakers that lasts about 3 seconds when playing music. I have a recording of it but the only attachments allowed are graphic formats.

It’s not the DAC; the sound occurs with two different DACs (EAD TheaterMaster Signature and AQ Dragonfly Red). The sound frequently occurs near the beginning of a new track (not always), but then can also occur in the middle of a track as well.

I have a Mac Mini late 2009 (last one with external power supply) 4BG of RAM running El Capitan 10.11.6.
Music library is in iTunes folder on an external, 1 TB G-DRiVE drive connected via Firewire.
Running Roon 1.3, build 276, stable 64bit

I am in exclusive mode.
I am running no other programs other than Finder and Roon.
I have restarted with no effect.

This does not occur and has never occurred with any other hardware source, but I have heard it via iTunes, not just Roon.

Can you help?

That model is woefully under spec for roon server functions. Likewise an ssd is probably not installed either, but that’s not probably causing the issue.

Have you tried running as just roon server? That would be the barest minimum load you could run

Your @support tag didn’t work (too many p’s) so I have have added that again for you.