What is the anticipated launch date?

Have to ask, when is it envisaged that Roon will be available to purchase?

Next month!!!

1 or 31? :smile:

Any chance of some form of pre-launch early bird access for current Sooloos users? My Mac mini itches…

Middle of the month :slight_smile:

Tomorrow!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, can’t wait.

I’ve got my new (unused) Sooloos endpoint and Tidal subscription… Did someone mention 1st May? :smile:

It’ll be in the few days before the start of the High End show in Munich.

Here is your clock: http://www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en_high_end_moc.html

Yipee! A very nearly confirmed date!

Early bird discounts?


I am not trying to dodge the question… I think I have been pretty open with you guys :wink:

I just don’t know the exact date… I think we are doing release build on May 9, but that may slip a day or two if there is an issue. We want to release right before the High End show, but that gives us a 3-5 days of wiggle room. I’d rather give you a fuzzy date than fail to deliver a promise!

The above is the plan we have. We had originally planned to release in August, but business reasons pushed the date up to May. You can imagine the headache this is causing us!

There will be updates to the application often (every week or so) for the first few months, as you all find issues, give feature requests, etc… Even though this May schedule is tough, the entire company is so happy to FINALLY have something out there!

We might do some early bird discounts, but no pre-orders… we aren’t quite ready to take your money yet :smile:


As keen as we all are to run Roon I personally would rather I had to wait a little longer than have you rush to release.




I could imagine a strategy that has a (discounted) beta version to get started, followed by a stable release track, but a continued beta track.
That way you can get the engaged community to perfect the final release versions, while managing expectations.

People can then choose whether they want the safe and stable version, or the latest features and a little more risk.

A very common practice, I am probably insulting intelligence here.

But a nice way to get things out quick. Combined with an early bird discount (or ‘for life offer’) could be a very acceptable commercial launch.

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The suspense is killing me! Drum roll…