What is the best way for audio quaility

I am looking for the best way streaming music to a Brinkmann Nyquist DAC.

As I understand, their are 2 alternatives. one is with a PC connected to a hard drive and the other with a NAS (like QNAP TVS-473e-8G)

The NAS alternative is double the cost of the PC alternative.

Which of both is the better solution, what is the most important factor is sound quality?

I have aprox. 6 tera of music files.

Well its going to depend on what you have as a budget (sky can be the limit) or a more grounded approach is to detail more about what you have available now and where your music is installed and how big your library is (tracks/albums and what file formats/bitrates) not how much space it takes up.

Welcome to the community too…do you actually have Roon Core running on anything yet?

considering quality is the most important factor. i will adjust the budget accordingly.
keep that in mind I am have a budget of around 2000$.
As of now , I use a usb streamer with a 6 tera storage inside (Aurender X100) and I dont have roon yet,.
I have around 70000 tracks of music which includes all kind of formats and bitrates.

I read the reviews, take the advice and then let my ears decide. Unfortunately no one else has your exact system, room, furnishings so cannot guarantee that any difference will be heard at any price.

I’m a fan of separates. That means set-up Roon server somewhere. Feed a Roon Ready network renderer/streamer. Plug that into your DAC via the best input based on your DAC. Enjoy music.

It appears your Brinkmann Nyquist is Roon ready so just put a Roon Core server on your network and point it at your Brinkmann Nyquist. This will use the Roon RAAT protocol which is as bit perfect from Roon as you can get.

As novice to the world of computer streaming, I can understand from your answer that their is no real
consensus that NAS is better than NUC or vice versa.
What are the cons working with a NUC commuter connected to external HDD vs working with NAS?


I appreciate if you can advise of the hardware I need to do what you have suggested,

When I got started I installed Roon on my local PC and pointed it at some music files locally. Not my entire collection but just a directory with a handful of files. Using the trial period gave me full access to use Roon and learn what it was about. Once I had some experience with it things were clearer as to how my “Roon system” would be built out.

Start with installing it locally and spend some time with it. If you find the software useful and you want to move forward with putting a Roon Core on a server and loading your entire collection then come back with your questions. I think our answers will be much clearer after you’ve had some time with Roon.

As far as a Roon Core server there are two options… You can build your own (either a pre-built machine you load software on or buy parts and build yourself) or get a Nucleus directly from Roon which is the most direct way to get a server up and running. But the actual functionality of Roon does not change between running it from your existing PC and running it from a server. It’s just, I feel, a better experience when you’ve got it on it’s own dedicated hardware.

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I use a Mac mini with internal ssd and music on external ssd of 2 x 1tb. This has its supporters and detractors. It is a modern mini up to roons spec. I used to have an older Mac mini with spinning hard drives. The biggest improvements came from ssd. The mini is connected via Ethernet to a Devialet. I have no complaints with it and in my room with my gear it sounds good.

Sound quality wise, differences there are a matter of belief systems: you can believe there are some, you can believe there aren’t, but that’s for you to tell.

Where there is a difference is in user experience. If you do not want to worry, get one of RoonLabs’ recommended NUCs, install ROCK, copy your music over, and live happily ever after (as long as you don’t forget to regularly backup your music).

If you decide to connect the NUC directly to your DAC, then you might want to have a passive enclosure, so that you don’t have something with a fan in your listening room. If this seems complicated to you, either get a Nucleus, or get someone to build the device and install the system for you.

File system redundancy, maybe, so if you already have a powerful-enough NAS, you might want to use that, although RAID isn’t a backup. Other than that ? Get a NUC, install ROCK (it’s “RoonOS”, so just enough to run Roon), and go listen to music.


+1. Roon ROCK. Your music storage system connects to the ROCK and you connect your Nyquist MkII via ethernet. Very clean and simple.

thank you all for the kind help

NAS or PC disk has to do where your sound files are filed. In my opinion this will not affect the sound quality.

I preferred the sound of QNAP silent NAS models to the other alternatives I tried, but am now getting better sound quality from a Roon Nucleus+ with Samsung EVO 960 internal SS drive.

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I am using a NAS QNAP TVS NAS and a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. It runs flawlessly.
The sound is great but have never heard any other way of using Roon.
I have had 2 issues over the last few years and both were resolved very quickly by support.
I cant imagine it sounding any better using a different set up.

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