What is the best way in Roon to sort out my Fall Peel sessions? [Clumping compositions with WORK and PART file tags]

What I want to achieve is to have a way to easily play a specific fall session from their box set.

So for example I want to group the particular session from June 1978 to play (as a composition?)

I could tag them but then I will create 24 tags. I had hoped I could create the 24 tags and then add then to a “The Fall Sessions Tag” and delete the individual tags but they disappear altogether.

is there a simple way to achieve what I want in Roon?


It’s not wholly within Roon but …

You could use an external file tagging program (I use mp3tag ) to tag each of the broadcasts as a composition. Roon would then group them (unless the 1.4 ungroup compositions setting is used).

What sort of syntax would I need to use to get Roon to see them as compositions?


WORK, PART (and WORKID if necessary) tags.



Thanks @joel
Will these now work for identified albums ?

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It would appear not from my testing.

I think manually selecting the 4 tracks from each session will have to do!


Have you tried this setting for the album, in conjunction with those tags?


No I hadn’t, there really is still so much in Roon to explore!

This works, album recognised and sessions clumped. Thanks @joel