What is the best way to add album to Roon?

How do you add album to Roon?

Currently I’m music is structured around / directory structure. Is there a way to import new album into Roon and it to create all the necessary directory creation?

If not please share how you do your way :slight_smile:

Just rip it and store it into your Roon designated Roon music library. Roon will capture it instantaneously. Moving your files to your designated Roon library location will also result in them being added to your collection.

If you go into > Settings > Storage you’ll see a few options for importing albums to Roon.

The “Watched folders” option does just that, it searches your specified directories but it’s up to you to organize them. I would think most users of Roon use this method.

The “Organized folders” option allows Roon to move files around and rename file names and folders. I prefer not to allow Roon to do this, as there have been mixed results.

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thanks @dpstjp for the info on Organized folders. Was wondering if that option can simply things by automating all the folder creation.

Looks like manual is still the best way to go

Why not try it? Keep a separate copy of your library and a back up of your Roon database just in case, if it doesn’t work for you you can revert back to the old library.