What is the canonical Roon Server platform?

Hi Roon-ites,

Beyond the ROCK, what is the canonical platform against which all Roon server releases are tested? I ask because once again I have accepted an upgrade to my MacOS server and once again it has failed to work seamlessly (works fine off Tidal but local files are now touch and go, red the odd restart to keep working…).

I appreciate that testing a complex piece of software against a wide gamut of platform configurations is expensive, but I don’t want to be in the long tail - where should I position myself to be in the QA hotspot? I assume it is Windows (shudder) or Linux?

Hi @IanM,

We test Windows, macOS, and RoonOS (ROCK/Nucleus) when we release new versions. Can you elaborate on the issue that you’re seeing? Is this happening for all local media? All endpoints?

Ian, my feelings are the following.
Nucleus =1st
Linux Server 3rd
I think if you want something close to unconditional stability you need to go where Roon, OS and hardware are all controlled by and known intimately to Roon. Hence Nucleus and ROCK on approved hardware. My sense is that when you take that control away in the OS department, Linux fares better than Windows and Mac. Especially with a LTS Server minimal install.

Roon or Mac update? Roon App or Server? Did you open a support request thread, or just want to moan?

local files are now touch and go

What does this mean? Sometimes it works, some times it doesn’t?

Ha, ha, busted! It was a bit ranty, sorry if I caused offence.

Interesting that QNAP is not on the list? Build 521 on my QNAP works just fine without any hiccups.

Hi @IanM,

If you wish for help in troubleshooting the issues you are experiencing, can you provide more details as to the exact symptoms?

Does this behavior affect all endpoints including System Output? Where are the media files stored? Are they on a NAS or on the local hard drive? What are the exact symptoms you are seeing? Dropouts? Stuttering? Lost audio devices?

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