What is the difference between Bluesound Vault 2i and bluesound vault via Airplay in Settings/audio? My bluesound vault 2i option is not working and I have to use vault via airplay. Isn’t the basic bluesound option the best for audio?

Roon Core Machine

Windows operating system. Levono, yoga laptop. DESKTOP-2EMPKVT. Windows 10. 80v5. 8 GB Ram,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Att router with Meshforce booster.

Connected Audio Devices

iPad, I phone, bluesound vault 2i.

Number of Tracks in Library

5338 tracks

Description of Issue

I can’t get Roon to play through my Bluesound Vault 2i. I does work through “Other Network Devices” option Vault via AirPlay.
Why won’t roon ready bluesound device option work when enabled?

I have a Vault 2i and it works beautifully through the native Roon (RAAT) streaming path. A couple of things to try: Use the BluOS app to connect to the Vault and make sure the firmware is updated. Next, shut down the Vault, unplug from power for a minute, and restart it. Then see if it’s visible in Roon settings to be enabled.

Thank you Andy, The icon is visible in Roon settings it just doesn’t work and I have to use the Vault via airplay. I’ll try your suggestion on firmware update.

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