What is the difference between Identify and Re-Identify?

An interesting workaround (in the original thread) that raises the questions:

What is the Re-Identify button for ?
How does it differ from Identify ?
Do we need both ?

@joel is this in your balliwick ?

In short:

  • Re-identify identifies the album in the same way as if you were importing it the first time, using our performance-optimized identification.
  • Identify takes you down a far less performance-optimized, but more flexible, route which doesn’t exclude some possibilities that the first route has to out of necessity.

Thanks Joel. Some follow ups if I may:

If Identify is broader than Re-Identify, why does Re-Identify solve some Artist issues that Identify doesn’t ?

Is it because the broader Identify is creating multiple Artists ?

What artist issues?

From the original thread:

From my seat there should be no difference. It’s possible that there is a client bug, but we need a reproducible case (which is difficult with this type of issue) and we don’t have on at this time.

Interesting though that the act of re-identifying albums has been reported to resolve things.

Just a thought, but could Re-identify perhaps be called something like Re-Submit, or Re-Scan to denote the function is different (more powerful?) than “Identify”?

There already is a Re-Scan button…

What I don’t understand is that the text by the Re-Identify button explicitly states that “This will not affect any edits you’ve made previously”, and yet there’s a report that genre edits are being cleared:

@joel, is this a bug, or is this another difference between “Identify” and “Re-Identify”?

Does re-edentify “undo” earlier changes?