What is the difference between performers "appearances" and performers "appearances on various artists"?

On the performers screens for reasons and/or benefits I don’t really understand roon segments albums into:

Main (x)
With Various Artists (x)
Appearances (x)
Production (x)

For me this creates a cluttered confusing screen with a lot of duplicates. It’s not feasible for all performers but with favorite ones I usually blitz all the production credits like “artistic director” or “quotation author” to at least get rid of one section. It’s information I just don’t need to know. Better would be if Production could be toggled on/off. I would toggle it off.

But what exactly is the difference between the sections “Various Artists” and “Appearances”. Why is roon going to the trouble of making this distinction? I just don’t understand what useful information I get from knowing this. I would much prefer a simpler screen. Here is an example for Martha Argerich:

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you see that too with „real“ album artists. I think there may be a number limit for performer/album artist combinations after which the albums are presented as „with…“.

but I agree with your comment - it makes no sense to me either…

That’s a cool idea … and should become a feature (request).