What is the easiest way to play your favourites by any artist?

I have curated my complete library with heart ratings for all my favourite tracks. Now, when I am in the mood for a particular artist, I would like Roon to play only the heart rated tracks from that artist. It seems that this is less straightforward than it could be. It is not possible to do that directly from the Artist page. It is also not possible to limit Roon Radio only to hearted songs in Shuffle mode. The solution I came up with is to go on the tracks view, filter by the artist you want, click the heart button and then hit shuffle. My question is: Is that really the best solution? Are there other ideas? If not, could such a feature be added?

You can always make a Bookmark of your favourite tracks by an artist, and then it can instantly be called up from anywhere in Roon. A Bookmark is also dynamic; if you Favourite new tracks, they will automatically be included in the list the next time you open the Bookmark.

To get to the list in the first place, you can also start from the Artist page, and click “View All Tracks” from there, click the Favourite button to display your favourite tracks for that Artist, and then make your Bookmark for future use.

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Never thought of that! Thanks Geoff.

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That works as One Bookmark per Artist. Would get way too unwieldy in a large library. In fact, once you start hitting a large number of bookmarks, they begin to be a pain to work with.

The option the OP wants exists at the album level (as well as picks). I think that it is a good idea to have both those options at the artist level off the 3 dot menu. The OP should make it a Feature Request.

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I assume that by “you”, you mean the OP?

Yes,:smiley: I have amended to reflect my intended meaning.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! I was about to make this a feature request when, embarrassingly, I found that what I had in mind already exists in a similar, albeit not entirely satisfactory form (you are all probably aware of this, but I somehow missed it). If you go to an Artist page, you have the option to “Play Top Tracks”. I originally thought that the tracks that Roon suggests here would be the “Picks”. But from what I am seeing now, the software actually suggests the heart rated songs by priority, at least as long as there are some. So technically, if you have hearted 10 songs by an artist, a click on “Play Top Tracks” will play the 10 hearted tracks and then continue with other, non-hearted tracks. If you hit shuffle, you may or may not end up with a hearted song, especially if you have not many hearted songs to begin with. So, if you want ONLY the hearted songs to play repeatedly, you still need a different solution. I guess it would be quite simple to give the option, alongside “Play Top Tracks” to only “Play Favorites”.


Create a playlist.