What is the expected effect of pressing “Play now” for an Artist?

I’m just double-checking that I understand the Artist “Play now” feature as it seems to not do what I thought. I assume that selecting it would essentially create an ongoing “radio” play out of the items in your library from that artist in random order until you tell it to stop. This is different from “Start radio”, which plays tracks related to the artist, but potentially from other artists, until you tell it to stop.

Specifically, for Play now the playing is not limited to a few top played tracks or anything like that? If it is, is there any way to do what I was hoping for?

Almost. As best I can tell (I’ve not tried this before, so this is a limited test) Roon selects all of the tracks from a particular artist then plays them in a random order. Repeated clicks of the play now button start the process over again, and from looking at the queue it seems that the order changes each time. I said ‘almost’ because it will play until you tell it to stop - as you mentioned - but only if you don’t run out of tracks. Once you get to the end of all the tracks from a given artist I suspect it will stop of its own accord.

Seems to continue the discussion from:

From that, it doesn’t look to me like a general problem/question that can be solved without @support.

That is my understanding on how it should work. It does for Genre I selected a genre yesterday and it’s randomly playing all items in my library in a random order. 14 days worth of a playlist.

Indeed it is a continuation of that, but I was just making sure I am not fundamentally misunderstanding something before raising this again on support.

i might be wrong, but I don’t think it limits tracks from your library unless you specifically tell it to do so.

Hi Chris,

Once I had found the Limit switch it has an interesting effect on the problem, thanks for pointing me in that direction! I think I’ve got enough to open a new Support ticket.

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I had never thought about trying this until yesterday. I chose my favorite artist, Eva Cassidy, and clicked Play Now, but not a given track, album, or playlist. Roon Radio played random tracks of Eva without venturing away from her to other artist.

I’m not sure if it’s limited to my Roon library or not, but I really like this feature. I think it’s my new favorite way to listen to music through Roon.

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It’s actually a great feature Jim, probably one very little used by the majority.
I like it a lot myself.

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