What is the latest concert you've been to? [2020-202*]

We are bodies - Crozon


Tool in Birmingham (UK and not Alabama) tonight.

Like @spockfish only the last song could be photographed or videod and it was well followed by the fans.
Both the wife and I really enjoyed it


Looks like an amazing show. (I should have been there too, but other things got in the way.) Glad you enjoyed it!

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I really don’t want to rub it in :face_with_peeking_eye:
(But it really was excellent👌)


Yesterday Mrs. Jay and I saw The Dead South (Support: Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans) @ Posthof Linz Open Air.

Things started at 7:30pm sharp with Corb Lund and his boys. After an enjoyable set there was a short break.

The Dead South started to play at 8:30pm but had to stop after 20 minutes because a heavy thunderstorm was approaching… the rain started to get really nasty and nobody knew how things will turn out… after 30-35 minutes two roadies appeared on stage and a few minutes later the band showed up again… although it was raining almost the whole rest of the gig it was a great night and the band continued to play until 10:30pm.


If you want the heads up on an upcoming artist, I present you Jenny Colquitt…

She performed for us last night for the 2nd time as a band after she stunned us as a support solo artist previously…

Jenny is an artist that deserves a big stage as her music is just so epic… Check out her latest album

Not only is she an amazing singer and composer, she has a fine band with the coolest bass player I have ever met.

Jenny is also a down to earth humble soul and it’s a pleasure to know her a little…

Photos courtesy of Andy Sheard who regularly takes pictures for us

A view from the back

Jenny took this one…


I saw her last year and she was a fantastic performer :+1:

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Lucky beggars both you and @spockfish .
Well jealous :joy:


Well I was the jealous one I’m 22 when I had to be somewhere else.

But I would highly recommend Tool to anyone as an audio visual treat. The wife is no Metal fan but even she found it a stunning show

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Yes indeed, she just gets better. She is playing in Cardiff tonight on the last night of this tour… She just gets better and better and a nicer person you couldn’t wish to meet… All the band are, even their sound guy Simon…

If you zoom in on the pic from stage you will see me in my video camera position… I had 6 cameras running so we should get some great videos with properly mixed sound…

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Sadly I am out with family tonight or I would have been going to see her at Acapella studio’s (where I saw her last year). The wife and I both wanted to go

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With regard to Jenny Colquitt, I’ll share this post from her…

‘Staring at the Moon’ UK Tour 2024. What can I say? There aren’t many words that can express how much spending this time to play my music for you wonderful people has changed me for the better. With every show, I learn more about how beautiful music is and the importance of its very existence in bringing people together. Every single show on this tour has brought something special, I’ve met someone knew, learned a new lesson, given something to someone and they have given something to me. There really isn’t anything live music. Please keep supporting us indie artists so we can continue to do this! I couldn’t have done this without so many of you and so here are my thank yous…

My Simon Infinite Audio, engineer, partner in love and life (not crime :rofl:). The hours driving me, making me sound good, solving problems, supporting me when I feel like a failure. I love you so much and thank you xx

The band! The brilliant musicians I get to call friends Josh Roscoe Liam Kent Ray. The hours you have put in to making this tour special and memorable for us all, I will never be able to thank you enough for. Keep being talented and mighty!

Graham Jackson for booking these shows organising my itinerary, help arranging supports and venue communications! Also for helping me believe that anything is possible if I put my mind to it and work hard!

Baz The Band Man 11 Ltd, ‘lovely lad’. You are much more than that, the amount of time you put aside for my music, the hours driving and sleeping in your van for me to be able to live even just a small part of my dream is unbelievable. You are also one of my best friends and supporters.

All my wonderful support artists for being incredibly talented and adding something special to each show! Joe Martin, Euan Blackman Belle Roscoe Jack Francis Craig Gould Music Chasing Summer Joe Kelly and the Royal Pharmacy.

My JC Streamies! You came out! You supported, you sang and you chatted, hugged, had selfies, smiled, laughed and loved! To anyone new who found me on this tour, welcome to the family and I can’t wait to see you on the road again! Special shoutout to Ian Emptage for all the support work in the lead up to the album and tour, merch, pricings, advice, research and spreadsheets. For someone who struggles with organisation, I have no doubt this made the album experience what it was for me.

Venues, Photographers, incredible staff and techs, Promoters and agents thank you so much for all the work you do to keep music as awesome as it is and for spreading mine!

Mum and Dad for just everything really and also looking after my beautiful babies so well while I’ve been living my dream!

Big news coming soon guys… I can hardly wait. For now let’s keep listening and sharing the music to make the next time even bigger! Join my mailing list and Patreon using the link in the comments if you want to hear more and continue to support my journey!

Pics and vids in this post are from a range of people, I’ll try and tag as many as I can! Thank you all! See you soon!

Jen x

Images by: Bryan Taylor Michelle Fredericks Photography Warren Millar Photography Clive Cass Ian Emptage Andy Sheared Mike Simpson

Professional Footage by John Bailey

Thanks to venues and staff: The Dorothy Pax The Met The Philharmonic Music Room Harvest Sun Promotions The Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Lion Saltworks Macks Music Promotions 229 Talentbanq Hanger Farm Arts Centre The Stables MK The Musician Pub Hare & Hounds Kings Heath Live at Little Rabbit Barn Acapela Studio


The Smile, Palladium, Cologne


P!nk and The Script at the Millennium Stadium tonight and a good evening was had.
P!nk puts on an immense show

The script were pretty good as well


Easy to forego the EM opening match between Germany and Scotland here in Munich with this classical selection tonight!
Top notch performance, just like our soccer team.


Three days ago parts of my family went to Nova Rock festival for the very first time. It’s a four day festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria counting approx. 200.000 visitors in recent years. We had tickets for thursday, perfect weather (no rain but cloudy and ~20° Celsius) and a really great time.

The afternoon started with Alien Weaponry, a very cool metal band from New Zealand.

After a small break Danish death metal band Asinhell started their set. They played almost every track of their sole album and certainly lived up to my expectations.

Next act was Kerry King, the new band of the former Slayer guitarist/co-founder/co-songwriter. Great thrash metal set featuring songs of their first album and two Slayer songs.

Afterwards we had to move to the main stage to catch Jane’s Addiction. The band played a one hour set and it was fantastic… opening with “Up The Beach” they played a total of ten songs closing with “Three Days”, “Mountain Song” and “Stop!”… unbelievable… these guys are still rocking hard

Next up was Billy Talent… I had the impression I was the only one there not really knowing the band :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: (of course I’ve heard the name but I never listened to a single song up to now)… so I had no expectations at all but the guys put up a really good show and the crowd was obviously entertained.

Headliner of the day (and the initial reason my family wanted to go there) were Green Day. They played 2,5 hours and I have to admit they are a fantastic live act. The majority of the songs played came from their albums “Dookie” (released 30 years ago) and “American Idiot” (released 20 years ago).


We had the utter joy of an intimate concert with Oklahoma’s very own Queen, Carter Sampson in Sudbury Church Chancel, Sudbury, the home of 101 Dalmatian’s… Amazingly there were on 15 odd people in the room, but they were entranced in a way only Carter can entrance people.
We are looking forward to hosting Carter next March with a full UK band of Joe Coombs on Guitar, Jamie Dawson on Drums and Scott Warman on Bass… That promises to be a very special concert…

Sudbury Church, Carter enjoyed some dressing up pre show…


Looks like a great day out.

Easily my favourite two Green Day albums as well


P J Harvey Live at Primavera Sound Porto 6 June 2024


Not actually an (over priced) super star concert :grin:, but a free music night at our local pub near Farnham (Surrey, UK). Four local acts with great music, along with good food, company and beer - an all round great night out :grinning:

My mate Dave Norgrove led off the gig:


Followed by a duo - Maud’s Dog:


then Billy Liberator:


Then to end, a terrific set by Acres & Oceans:


It is great to support local musicians (all of whom have a presence on Spotify, and can be reached through ROON) who sometimes don’t achieve the recognition they deserve.