What is the latest concert you've been to? [2020-202*]

Foo Fighters at the Millennium Stadium Cardiff tonight with support from local band Himalayas and the excellent Wet Legg

Great show at a packed out stadium and everyone’s left happy after a total 5 hour show.


Wednesday June 26th, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium:
Thievery Corporation.

An extraordinary performance. I haven 't seen much of Thievery Corporation mentioned here, check them out.
Rob Garza and Eric Hilton are TC - but Eric Hilton is replaced on tour by Dan Africano. They were accompanied by two percussionists, guitar and sitar player (and singer) Rob Myers, female singers Racquel Jones and Laura Vall, and 2 male singers - I didn’t get the names but the voices were familiar.
But what they all throw together… Uplifting music that you cannot call lounge or dub, it’s full of rhythms ranging from Latin to Rock. The music is carried by the bassist, and the electronic additions and samples of Garza make it complete. But they can equally sit on stage on chairs with Laura Vall singing Exilio (Ven, Ven).

No boring moments - next time they will come to Brussels, count me in.

Next Up: end October, Nick Cave. And The Human League end of November (a tribute band of themselves, as Oakey jokingly says). And probably a few surprises inbetween :wink:


Attened Copenhell last week. It’s the metal festival that gives horns to public transportations in Copenhagen.

Saw Mr. Bungle, The Hives, Tom Morello and Limp Bizkit.

Tom Morello (didn’t take pictures) was very good and played Ghost of Tom Joad, Rage and Audioslave.


Gunhild Carling, yesterday evening at the 2024 Syracuse Jazz Festival.

You folks in Sweden have a wild one your hands, she’s something else!
As a bonus, a great friend of our son was playing trombone as part of the local big band that backed both Gunhild and Freda Payne, who performed before her.

We did not stick around to see the night’s headlining act, that being Kenny G. I’ll say no more.


Sadly no tickets so sound only in my backyard :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Bruce Springsteen in Nijmegen the Netherlands


Thanks for using your backyard :yum:


We enjoyed a gig with The Fugitives from Canada recently in Aldburgh Suffolk (Home of Benjamin Britten).

Dan Walsh (On the right) stepped in to Banjo duty for the first three gigs as the band player couldn’t make it, he did an amazing job of learning all the parts plus vocals and vocal harmonies in a very short time. He also did a small solo spot. That was impressive… Bigger Than Luck…

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A fine baroque trio performing Purcell, Michel Lambert, and Louis-Nicolas Clérambault at a fantastic monastery next to Basel. A memorable evening!



Looks Fantastic.

We were at Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh a couple of weeks ago. It really is an amazing place. Went for a walk first, then a concert (Stephen Hough playing Schubert), then lunch in the pub next door.


This really is a beautiful part of the country and my favourite place to visit. We have seen some great gigs at Snape also, although a different genre. The Blues Band with Paul Jones, Honey and the Bear, a local folk band who are rather good.

https://i.imgur.com/wdXGDuF.png Link to latest album

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Last night we hosted Electric Blue Yonder from the USA, plus Tara Maclean (For the first time) and Catherine MacLellan (for the 3rd time) and what a show we had. The weather did it’s best to thwart us in seeking up the marquees, but the show must go on…

Catherine MacLellan with Nick Gauthier

Tara Maclean, Tara and Catherine performed duets at the beginning of each ones set, plus a duet encore…

Electric Blue Yonder, Beth and Johnny Veres

Johnny trying out my Emerald Carbon Fibre X20 guitar… He loved it…


Bedford summer sessions headlined by James.
Magic Numbers, Inspiral Carpets and Johnny Marr.
Thankfully dry if a bit on the chilly side.


Puccini‘s Turandot


Cypress Hill yesterday

was a big party with all the hits from da bong :grinning:


Tomorrow we leave for Germany. :slightly_smiling_face:


Night of the Prog is a good festival with a nice atmosphere

the Lorelei location is very special too.
Sadly it is the last time for this festival

have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but …

Night Of The Prog will no longer happen on the Loreley, but we are working on a different concept: NOTP at Sea - a prog cruise sailing from Genoa, Italy on the Mediterranean, which is scheduled to take place at the end of September / beginning of October 2026. More details will follow in due course after this year’s festival is over.


I hadn’t heard that, thanks.

Unfortunately Genoa is a bit far for a weekend.

Unless they let me out on my favorite island, Corsica :grinning:

Great lineup! Enjoy!!