What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Chris ) #242

Last night we had the utter privilege to Host the wonderful Barbara Nesbitt who is always just so much fun! Ben Jones played some amazing guitar here.

and on the last date of her UK tour, Callaghan accompanied by Dan Snyder on Keyboards. Simply Spellbinding. Her closing version of ‘Over the Rainbow’ will stay with me for along time.
You have to see these people live as no words can covey the quality.

(Matt) #243

Just down the road, saw a few bands here growing up!

(Matt) #244

Also saw Callaghan the night before she was at the Little Rabbit Barn

(Chris ) #245

Good man, she was exquisite and she loved cuddling the bunnies in residence also. We hope to have some great videos in time with properly mixed audio.

(Peter Hafkamp) #246

Tonight, Birds of Chicago in Venlo the Netherlands.


(Ian) #248

Andy Sheppard with Eivind Aarset, Michel Benita and Sebastian Rochford, earlier this afternoon at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.


Arena in Pratteln last night.

tomorrow :


Steve Rothery Band in London Saturday night.

(Chris ) #251

Last night we journeyed to St Pancras Old Church to enjoy Hannah Rose Platt opening for Lauren Barth and Jesse Aycock who then supported and later joined the wonderful Carter Sampson.

L to R Lauren, Jesse, Carter. At the church doors.

This was just simply amazing…

You gotta get into this.

(Ged) #252

On the way back from Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets at Dingwalls in Camden. Fantastic gig, the band and the audience alike having a great time.!


(Daniel Beyer) #253

I saw Nik Bartsch’s Ronin a week or two ago at Blues Alley in DC.

It was a fantastic show, btw. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to see it.

(Chris ) #254

We have just got in from watching the wonderful Kim Richey support Gretchen Peters at The Apex Theatre Bury St Edmunds.
Kim also sang BV’s for some of Gretchen’s set, she has an amazing voice.
Colm McLean played guitar for Gretchen. Colm has played The Little Rabbit Barn with Ben Glover who is one of Gretchens main writing partners recently, he co wrote ‘Blackbirds’. Kim Richey has also played for us in the past.
Both these amazing artists have new albums out.

(Daniel Beyer) #255

ghost b.c. in DC Warner Theater, May 20th.

(Chris ) #256

Just got home from our latest gig with Emily Barker solo supported by Hollie Rogers… What a voice… and up and coming Emily Faye…
I am a little shell shocked not really believing we hosted this show.

Emily Faye played a wonderful opening set with Michael Clancy on guitar.

Hollie Rogers… What a voice… Thomas Holder on Bass, Double Bass and Piano…

The unsurpassable Emily Barker… Folks, you just have to be there with these fine artists. It makes all the debates over equipment, file formats etc irrelevant!
Coming to Rockwood Music Hall New York June the 10th… Opening shows for Mary Chapin Carpenter…

(John B) #257

An excellent gig in Workman’s in Dublin, last Friday.

Robyn Hitchcock, my first time seeing him and having just Tidalised home for a week or so before the gig knew very few of his tracks. Solo guitar, joined by Emma Swift at the end. Every song clearly articulated, all lyrics heard and understood, wonderfully witty and genuinely funny talk between the songs. All for €13, felt obliged to buy an LP (no CDs) as I was leaving as I have paid 5 times more for less enjoyment.


(John B) #258

5 March, the wonderful Gloaming in the national concert hall.

Always an excellent night with phenomenal virtuosity.

(At the back of the balcony alas!)


(John B) #259

25th FEB
Rickie Lee Jones, Vicar’s Street, Dublin.

Again I don’t actually know a lot of her music and sometimes my concentration drifted but like all good gigs it was well paced and by the end she had me lapping it all up. Seemed quite nervous and ploughed through and triumphed. Wonderful vibes accompanyment, great guitar and drums, every note clear and precise.


(John B) #260

3rd NOV 2017 - Olympia Theatre Dublin.

Casandra Wilson and Liam O’ Maonlai (Hot House Flowers) in a very interesting mix of Jazz and Irish Trad and surprisingly there are quite a few similarities which were explored during the night. The picture is of Casandra with a sean nos singer whose name I cannot remember at this remove (to my shame).


(John B) #261

2nd NOV 2017. national concert hall

In My Mind: Thelonious Monk at Town Hall 1959 with American based pianist and composer Jason Moran and the Bandwagon Sextet. The event marks the centenary of the birth of Thelonious Monk and celebrates the legacy of the great American jazz artist.

Fascinating, but too short. Great end as the band left the stage and finished their last song in the foyer.

That’s me up to date!