What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Chris ) #262

Just got in from seeing Martin Harley at the Marine Theatre Lyme Regis Dorset. A great little theatre and a masterclass on slide guitar.

Upload fixed… yipee…

(Chris ) #263

Just enjoyed The Black Feathers in Axminster. The football club. These guys are just exquisite.
Check out ‘Holy Water’ on Tidal…


Been to the Jazz festival in Idstein, Germany yesterday. I try to go there every year with a good friend of mine. Beautiful setting in an historic city center with six stages and lot’s of mostly unknown and regional bands. Great fun, although we were hit by a thunderstorm late at night… :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Quiet Island, last friday in Geneva.

(Harry ten Berge) #266

Pearl Jam earlier this week in Amsterdam.

Rare concert. Unbelievable. One of those concerts that not only on a musical level is extra-ordinary, but touches you deeply on emotional level as well. I’m not saying this often, but this might be the best concert I’ve seen in all those years. It was epic.

(Rob) #267

Yup, which day for you? I managed to get tickets for the 13th. Great gig, they were in shape. Strangely enough for me it was also the first time to attend a concert at the Ziggo Dome. Great, efficient and most important the sound is great.

(Harry ten Berge) #268

Tuesday. But I wish I had ticketsfor Wednesday as well :grin:

(Dick Vliek) #269

Just back from seeing The Eels in TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, NL). This time with a complete band, so all rock versions of his songs. Was awesome. Last time I saw him, many years ago, it was just piano and guitar (also great).

(Harry ten Berge) #270

Roger Waters yesterday in Amsterdam.

Mixed feelings tbh. Visually it was stunning. Sound was great.

But the show… I don’t know. Maybe it had to do with the audience. Everyone around me came for the guy that was part of PF, not so much recognizing his solo work. And when he just played a few songs ‘smallish’ I was thinking: why don’t you go to smaller venues, leave all this ‘gadgetery’ home and just play.

(Dave) #271

Daisy Clark at the Hampton Court music festival

Followed by Tom Jones


Stone Free festival in London few days ago : Yes, Roger Hodgson, Anathema, etc.


Just came back from a prolonged weekend in Hamburg, Germany. Visited the beautiful concert hall called “Elbphilharmonie” there, which opened beginning of 2017.
The concert was about the film music of John Powell, who was hosting the evening (very cool) and played a couple of instruments in the orchestra during the show.
I’d post a couple of pics but with the new European data privacy law…well, there’s people on them I don’t have a contract with. :wink:
The sound of a full blown orchestra with a fifty piece choir in that concert hall room was breathtaking, that is something you cannot recreate with any sort of high-end equipment. I guess we audiophiles strive to get as close as possible. :wink:

(Nick) #274

Nine Inch Nails a couple of days ago at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Loved it !!!

(Chris ) #275

Does this count? We saw the Long Medford Silver Band Play James Bond themes today at the street fair… certainly MQA Quality.


Roger Waters BST London last friday.

(Tim Rhodes) #277

Saw Slow Dive, Editors and…



and The Cure at Hyde Park on Saturday :grinning::sunglasses:


Björk, Gent, Belgium


Tomorrow :

(Henri Serton) #280

Very interesting lineup and of course in beautiful surroundings. Have fun!


Mary Fahl last weekend.

Mary Chapin Carpenter this weekend.

Shelby Lynne in mid-August.

All at the intimate Ark in Ann Arbor. No seat is even 50’ from the stage.