What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Chris ) #282

Emily Barker was supporting Mary Chapin Carpenter. If she is at your gig, don’t miss her.

We also saw Shelby Lynn with Alison Moorer… superb.


Emily opened for MCC back in October when she was here. We did enjoy her.

It looks like someone named John Craigie will open this Sunday.

This will be the first time I have had the opportunity to see Shelby Lynne. I have been looking forward to this for sometime now,

(Chris ) #284

John Cragie is great, my mate James Partridge looked after him in the UK

It’s on Tidal. Track 4 Rough Johns…

(Chris ) #285

Emily played for us recently and lucky me got to film it. Audio is good also.


I not sure if you will ever have the opportunity to see Mary Fahl but she has one powerful voice. She performed with just her guitars last weekend. No back-up band.

(Chris ) #287

Those kind of intimate gigs can be amazing. Here is another big voice who played for us. Hollie Rogers. With Thomas Holder on piano.

(Bob Cleveland) #288

Dead & Company, Shoreline last week.

(Chris ) #289

We have just returned from a very intimate gig at The Cottage in Debenham Suffolk with The Black Feathers. They were just scintillating…
They are of to Nashville for four months touring so, if your in that part of the world, do yourself a favour and catch them live.


In about 4 hours …


Have fun, @stevev1.



We saw John Craigie last night as the opening act for Mary Chapin Carpenter. He was both hilarious and talented. He really won the audience over with his stories and the wording of several of his songs. I hope he returns and does a full set in the future. The Ark is the perfect venue for artists like him.


I have no words : exceptionnel ! :fr: :innocent:

(Harry ten Berge) #294

Already a few weeks ago, but still: Marillion in Amsterdam.

Seeing this a 2 weeks after Roger Waters made me realise that I enjoyed the Marillion show WAY much more.

First, there’s the man of the show: Steve Rothery. Man. This must be the most underestimated guitar player of this decade. I had many goose-bump moments throughout the evening when he pulled of another solo. (and it made me realise what I missed at Roger Waters: David Gilmour :frowning: )

And then there’s Steve Hogarth. Fabulous singer, huge charisma.

This band deserves a bigger audience.

(Harry ten Berge) #295

So how was Jon?


Really very fit for his age and I find he has not lost his voice.

(Dave) #297

Paul Simon in Hyde Park on Sunday

That’s him in the red shirt…

(Chris ) #298

Just home from hosting, with the LRB team, Hannah Aldridge and Cherry Lee Mewis with her great band including Max Milligan on guitar. Wow, that was special.

Hannah Aldridge

The Cherry Lee Mewis Band missing a drummer. He was stuck behind his kit lol

Max Milligan, guitar maestro…

Lee on Harmonica

(Chris ) #299

We were invited by Talentbanq to a music review at The Ned Hotel in London. New Music Monday, a showcase of upcoming talent.
This featured Lauren Housley, Megan O’Neil and Daisy Chute, as well as a couple of chaps who’s name escapes me lol. Half hour slots.
We have hosted Lauren and Megan and are set to host Daisy so it was good to meet up and catch up.

This is not a ‘Listening Venue’ so the sound quality was not great but some people were engaging with the music.
Not sure where this will go but it was nice to be in a room with some of the beautiful people :joy:
Ohh and with my free membership card, Monday, food and drink is half price. Shame it’s just not easy for me to get there…

Lauren Housley and Thomas Dibb


Saw CC Smugglers last week who were simply outstanding. By some measure the most engaging and fun gig I’ve ever been to. Highly recommended even though the music isn’t completely my thing.

Ably supported by the excellent Emma McGrath.

Also saw Los Pacaminos (featuring, but not dominated by, Paul Young) which was okay, but TBH there comes a time when old rockers can’t really pull off certain material. It was a bit reminiscent of Elvis in Vegas failing to pull off all the moves that he pulled off so brilliantly in his 20s… but worse. :rofl:

(simon_pepper) #301

Triple gig header in the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin last week
Grace Jones (Monday)
Rag ‘n’ Bone Man (Wednesday)

Bryan Ferry (Friday)

What a week!