What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Justin Graham) #342

Saw Suzanne Vega at the Palais in Melbourne- a great performer, playing some really memorable songs.

(Nick) #343

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets last night at Roundhouse, London. Terrific.

(John B) #344

I was at Susanna in Dublin last night. Quite exquisite performance.

If you’re around in London tomorrow I’d recommend you make a point of seeing this beguiling group.


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(Daniel Beyer) #345

gary numan at the Vogue in Vancouer just an hour or so ago.

(Daniel Beyer) #346

Saw Max Richter last night at The Moore theater in Seattle. Nice show.

(simon_pepper) #347

OMD 40th Anniversary Concert with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

(Ian) #348

Clara Sanabras, yesterday night in Stratford-upon-Avon. Excellent!

(Chris ) #349

We have just got in from seeing Hanna Haas in a room with 20 other people.

It was lovely to spend time chatting with her and chatting for a good part of the evening.

Little gigs rock

(David W) #350

Last Week:
Xenia Rubinos at Ford Theater LA–part of Angel City Jazz Festival

In September
Monterey Jazz Festival

(John B) #351

Ry Cooder- National Stadium Dublin.

An excellent evening.


(David W) #352

Last Night at Blue Whale in LA

Alex Hahn Group

And Sirintip

(Chris ) #353

Just got in from enjoying the amazing Elles Bailey band supportedby the wonderful Tamara Stewart.
It was great to just see them play as we are hosting them next week along with Jackie Bristow.
I can’t wait for that show and I get to film it…

My friend Mike Blackmore these snaps…

I was talking with Tamara after the show about that guitar which I wanted to own from the very first chord.
It was loaned by Gibson UK and is a Emmy Lou Harris signature guitar. I couldn’t believe this was a loaned guitar as she seemed so natural and at home with it. She said she had a wide choice but this one was like a perfect date. They clicked. Whilst we were talking I noticed Joe Wilkins (Elles Bailey guitar player) sitting down and noodling on it. He also loved it and told me that wherever he goes, he always comes back to his acoustic guitar but he also wanted this one… he couldn’t put it down… That was a great night…


(Jan) #354

Jon Hopkins, a week ago in Stockholm, Sweden. A birthday gift to my dearest friend who turned 50 in August. We felt old at this event but enjoyed the show immensly :man_dancing::man_dancing:

(Ian) #355

Kitty Macfarlane, Kenilworth (UK).

A lovely, intimate performance at a local bookshop; part of a tour to promote her new album “Namer of Clouds”. Highly recommended if you get the chance to see her.


Saw Emily Barker at The Stables, very ably supported by Jack Carty. Excellent music all evening.

(Chris ) #357

Isn’t she great… we love Emily at LRB
To be one of only two people in the room when she soundchecked Sister Goodbye was a memory I will never forget. Like she was singing just for me…

(Chris ) #358

Tonight was the night of the Stephen Fearing gig at Rega and I even brought some vinyl of the record they recorded the last time Stephen was over.
No pics of the gig as it was just too intimate. Monies were raised for the Air Ambulance and a jolly good time was had by all… I am truly blessed…

(Christopher Rieke) #359

I’ve been to Bon Iver (in Berlin) yesterday. It was such a great show and I was quite lucky, as the concert was sold out and I got my ticket from a friend (who was unfortunately ill). I recorded some bits to share it with her though:

(Chris ) #360

VWow! That was something else. We just hosted Tamara Stewart followed by Jackie Bristow with Mark Punch on Guitar and then, if that wasn’t enough, we had the full Elles Bailey experience.
We knew this was going to be a great show but we never expected just how good. Jackie and Tamara joined Elles on stage to sing a couple of numbers also. Special…

Tamara Stewart

Jackie Bristow and Mark Punch

The pre gig stage

Elles Bailey and her amazing band… Notice the Lesley speaker in the corner… just…


Been to the 49. Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday. Main act of the evening was Mark Guiliana Quartet. World class jazz! They performed most of his album Jersey, great stuff!