What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Jan) #422

Think different. Think acid :grinning:
Who knew that this could actually work! I can imagine a church being a a great venue.

(Rüdiger Hanke) #423

Saw Amber Rubarth yesterday. The show was supposed to be last week, but she was sick so it had to be cancelled, but fortunately they were able to arrange a new date yesterday on her last night in Europe. Glad it was possible, because it the concert was well worth the drive, loved every minute.

Only discovered her through this forum and its “What are we listening to” thread. Keep on posting good music there!

(Chris ) #424

Amber plays in the Trio Applewood Road with Amy Speace and Emily Barker.
We have a house concert with Emily Barker on Saturday where she is trying new material. She also played for us last year. We have also hosted Amy Speace a few years ago. I have never seen Amber yet though.

Here is one of our Amy Speace videos…

Emily Barker

(Nick Baker) #425

Saw her on the Applewood Road tour in our local pub, she is very easy on the eye if I am allowed to say that and they were brilliant. Amy however does not like spiders…

(Vincent Bourne) #426

You’re probably not allowed to say that if you live in the UK. However, I’m in Montenegro, where it’s 1973 (wasteland, wild dogs, stray horses etc.), so can appreciate the sentiment! Surprisingly not seen many spiders here in two years. Not too many tours in this neck of the woods, but did see Beth Hart in Belgrade last year, who was brilliant.

(Ian) #427

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mirga Gražintė-Tyla, at Warwick Arts Centre (yesterday evening):

Rautavaara: Canticus Arcticus - Concerto for Birds and Orchestra
Sibelius: Rakastava (The Lover)
Sibelius: En Saga
Grieg: Incidental music to Peer Gynt

A super concert. The Rautavaara stood out and captured my attention, it was simply beautiful.

(Chris ) #428

Well, that was special… A house concert with Emily Barker where she was trying out new material some of which she has never played in public before. There were some lovely songs too.
She is hiding away to write for a while now so a new album is on the way.

She has played for us a few times now and it’s always a joy to see her. The next gig for her will be the full band and I can’t wait.

The Merch Table, the most important space in the room… still

(Stephen) #429

The Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Adám Fischer in Mahler’s 9th symphony at the London Barbican this coming Wednesday evening. Ticket booked months ago and now overwhelming anticipation for my all time favourite work performed by one of the world’s great orchestras.


(David W) #430

Friday night at BlueWhale in LA.
First time I had heard The Bad Plus with new pianist Orrin Evans.
Intense and percussive concert.

(Fernando Pereira) #431

On Friday. Schiff playing conducting from the piano BWV 1054 and BWV 1055 was wonderful – light, spacious, subtle. BWV 1068 is more muscular, but his conducting kept it from overflowing and made it beautifully balanced between lively and stately. After the intermission, however, the Mendelssohn was too long, too repetitive, too over the top. I’m sure the conducting and playing were good, but the piece just bored and annoyed me, the worst kind of thickness and overstatement that makes me dislike much mid 19th-century orchestral and choral music.

(Gustav Persson) #432

Phurpa, Russian monastic choir, at Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden.

(Michael Hickey) #433

Bill Frisell NCH Dublin February 21st

(Chris ) #434

Slightly off topic but when an artist writes like this, you know you are doing maybe something right with the music.
Next Saturday and we can’t wait

(Ged) #435

Steve Winwood and Steely Dan last night in London. Steve’s voice is really very strong. Donald Fagen has adapted to his. Great evening, my daughter came with me to lower the audience age average a little.


You do know it didn’t happen as long as there aren’t any pics? :wink:


Kacey Musgraves last week, Joe Jackson tomorrow.

(Chris ) #438

Well that was astonishing, we just hosted Reb Fountain from New Zealand, Chelley Tackett from the USA and The Lauren Housley Trio from the UK, Manchester way…

Reb Fountain at the House Piano

Reb was still jet lagged when I picked her up from the station but the first notes she sang at soundcheck told us that she was special. Amazing.
Then Chelley Tackett just owned the room for her set, how could the evening get better.

Chelley Tackett, incredible…

Lauren Housley is an old friend of ours now and along with Thomas Dibb on Guitar and Mark Lewis on double bass they really put on a show.

Lauren and Tom

Nights like this make all the effort worthwhile and deliver an experience that no amount of Hi Fi can replicate. Astonishing!

The gang are all here…

(Gustav Persson) #439

Lala Lala (US) played a real nice gig at the best venue in town. Plan B in Malmö, Sweden.

(Ralph Pantuso) #440

Julian Lage Trio at (le) poisson rouge in NYC


The latest hot young jazz guitar slinger - man can this young man play that guitar!

(Chris ) #441

Last night we had a beautiful house gig with Lauren Housley Thomas Dibb and Mark Lewis performing as The Chorlton Country Club.
This was in Revpacman’s House in Billericay with know more than 30 people. I sat on the floor at Toms feet as he played guitar.
This is a really special way to enjoy first class live music and it was different again from the gig we hosted them in the previous week. The food was great also… I am blessed to get to know these great musicians. They are off to Glasgow today for the next gig.

This is me in the corner, that’s what I call MQA