What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Nick) #161

Depeche Mode in Dublin last night. Absolutely loved it !!!

(Andrew Cox) #162

The Aints play the Saints. Saturday 18 November 2017 at the Corner Hotel, Richmond.

Ways to know you’re Ed Kuepper:

  • You analyse the pre-show heckling, noting that “F off and get on stage” is semantically quite different from “F off or get on stage”

  • You get the audience to sing along to “Everything’s Fine” and confess you wanted to be the Max Bygraves of punk from an early age

  • You dismiss the horn section for “River Deep Mountain High” because you play it better without one.

  • You have a Sunny Boy on bass and a Celibate Rifle on drums.

God it was good.

Yes, my phone is a potato.

Edit: Reflecting on the gig Sunday morning. With Punk, especially early Punk, there was a tendency to play loose. The tone and feel of the music became more important than precision. I’d suggest The Stooges and The Clash as examples.

Ed Kuepper has never played a loose note in his life. Every sound that he makes, and he engaged in a number of extensions last night (hard to call them solos), is intended.

(Dick Vliek) #163

Just back from a concert of De Staat. Dutch band who toured through Europe with Muse. Absolutely great,
You can discuss anything you want about audo quality, MQA and so on…but nothing beats a live gig.

(Chris ) #164

We are so on the same page with this thought. Well presented live music is the pinnacle of sound IMHO. Next to the musicians, the live sound engineer is the most important person in the room if a PA is used.

(David W) #165

Bill Frissell and Dreamers Trio at Jazz Bakery at Moss Theater Santa Monica. Sunday night.

(Chris ) #166

The wonderful Danni Nichols in Norwich. Steve Howlet runs Grapevine Music at the Guildhall. Always worth a look. Hot Raisin were in support.
Three new songs played, one, Texas had a first public hearing… Marvellous!

(Dave) #167

Arlo Guthrie and family at Carnegie Hall last night.

(Roland) #168

Luxor, Cologne, Thursday 30th Nov.

What a shambles.

Clearly some problem - due to the band disappearing without warning & the sudden activity from the support-crew - with lighting, or sound, or…but any information / feedback ? They seem to have forgotten about the audience…

Ah well, it was ‘an experience’ !


Archive in Annemasse yesterday evenning. Great !

(Chris ) #170

Just got back from a very intimate gig in West Mersea with Kate Stapley and Slonk supporting the amazing Hannah Rose Platt.

Little Screws is a Track to listen to.

Hannah was joined by Thomas Collison on one song playing lap steel to great effect.
She is almost finished recording her new album with Thomas which they will be touring with a band next year. She is an amazingly incitful songwriter and lovely person.

We are hosting them in March too and I can’t wait, it’s always lovely to spend time with these people.

(Daniel Beyer) #171

Saw Gary Numan last night at the 9:30 club. epic concert!


IQ in London last saturday.

(Daniel Beyer) #173

I really want to see them sometime.

(Chris ) #174

Just got home from watching the wonderful Elles Bailey and her band. She is off to The Netherlands for three dates now so check her out if your in that part of the world. We have seen her 5 times this year including hosting the show once. Bands like this are as good as any legendary bands from the 60’s a time when she would have been a superstar.

(Mike) #175

I was at Brooklyn Steel two nights in a row this week :slight_smile:

Sunday was SZA:

Monday was LCD Soundsystem:


(Paul) #176

Depeche Mode in Amsterdam

(GaryM) #177

Two different showcase shows yesterday at the 180 seat Iridium Room in New York City. Jim Messina and band and BeauSoleil with Michael Doucet. Both excellent.

(Pawel Walczak) #178

Scott Kelly + John Judkins in Warsaw club Chmury. Piece of art! They are on the road in Europe. Worth seeing, great experience.

Mon 15.01. SK-Bratislava, Klarisky Church
Tue 16.01. AT-Linz, Kapu
Wed 17.01. IT-Milan, Circolo Magnolia
Thu 18.01. IT-Rome, Traffic Club
Fri 19.01. IT-Cagliari, Cueva
Sat 20.01. FR-Belfort, Poudrière
Sun 21.01. FR-Monpellier, Black Sheep
Mon 22.01. FR-Lyon, Karspek
Tue 23.01. CH-Martigny, Sunset Bar
Wed 24.01. GER-Darmstadt, Knabenschule /w Peter Wolff
Thu 25.01. CH-Basel, Parterre
Fri 26.01. PT-Lisbon, Sabotage
Sat 27.01. PT-Porto, Understage
Sun 28.01. GER _ Berlin, CTM festival @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
Mon 29.01. At-Vienna, Arena 3raum
Tue 30.01. HU-Budapest , A38
Wed 31.01. HR-Zagreb, Club Mochvara
Fri 02.02. CH-Bern, Dachstock
Sat 03.02. GER-Dortmund, Pauluskirche /w Peter Wolff
Sun 04.02. NL-Leiden, Gebr. de Nobel

(Henri Serton) #179

Last Wednesday I saw Batushka at 013 in Tilburg. They mix Russian orthodox chants and choir singing with black metal. I loved it! It sounded great. They had a great sound mix. It was loud, but not too loud.

(Chris ) #180

Here is an independent review from Fatea Magazine Reference Sean Taylor gig