What is the latest Qnap Server Ver. No:

What should be the latest Ver. of the Qnap server package?
I have installed Ver 1.0 . Is there an updated package?


I had this same question earlier:

Thanks, So its probably updated internally just that the vision no: remains 1.0

The current version of the server (and all other components) is easily displayed through the menu in Roon Controller - Settings. On the top right hand, click the About-link.

Thanks, Just was a bit confusing have V1.0 on the actual Qnap app

I know that this could be confusing. I have a “Roon Update” section on the instruction page which explains, that the installer grabs the latest version from the Roon Labs website and updates itself like any other Roon installation. This is the first time this confusion came up. I will keep an eye on this to see if it should be more precise. :slight_smile:

Well trust me to be confused by it then lol :slight_smile:

Sorry, what I meant was:
It is the first time that I noticed this confusion.

I took it as a funny joke, No need to be sorry :wink: