What is the little heart icon on the now playing screen?

Hi guys. Perhaps a really dumb question but what is the little heart icon at the lower left of the now playing screen? I never noticed it before. I can click on it to cycle through 3 different icons. Is this the beginning of song ratings? How do I use it to filter?

It appears that you are currently using the phone app.

The heart is used to favourite an album, artist or track. The circle with a line through it bans the album.

The phone apps are a little limited in their functionality at the moment. I believe more functions like focus will be added eventually, but I’m not positive.

Using Roon apps on other devices gives you the option to select the heart at the top left of a screen which will bring up only your favourited albums. It’s the same for artist or track views.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you for the reply. I use the phone app 100% of the time so I did not realize there was a feature to filter by the little heart. I sure do hope the phone/tablet apps will get more functionality. Being able to control and access my library from a mobile device is much more convenient than using my laptop.

BTW, is the functionality of the phone app versus the tablet app different? I am thinking about getting a tablet just to control Roon but will only do so if it offers more functionality than what I have with the app running on my Samsung Note 3 phone.

[quote=“tboooe, post:3, topic:12201”]
Is the functionality of the phone app versus the tablet app different?
[/quote]Yes, the tablet version looks and functions the same as the PC version.

Here are some supported tablets.

Here is a list of supported iPads.

Here’s a list of supported Android tablets.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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Yes, the tablet version looks and functions the same as the PC version.[/quote]

Perfect! Getting on ebay now to pick up a tablet. I assume 2500x1600 resolution is adequate?

It is, but be sure to look at decent processor power too. And don’t forget to buy >9 a 10".

I am looking at a Dell 7840 that has an Atom processor running at 2.3ghz. That should be adequate to do simple browsing and controlling the player? I am using my Samsung Note 3 now and it works great, the scree size is just too small.

As for size, i personally think >9" is too big for a remote. I prefer something smaller. The Dell 7840 is 8.4" which I think is ideal.

Sounds more then adequate and looks classy. Just buy it at a good price as it won’t be upgraded tot android 6 ( which is no problem if you mainly use it for Roon)

Just an FYI, Dell announced they had discontinued their tablets last week. Shouldn’t be a problem currently as it does run a high enough version of android for Roon but may be something to consider. that being said the price is good and the tables got pretty good reviews when it was released.

Thank you for the headsup! The fact that DELL is discontinuing their tablets is precisely why I am getting one just for my Roon remote control. Since I wont be using it for anything else, I dont want to spend a lot of money. Besides, once I root it I will probably be able to find custom ROMs for it with the most up to date Android versions.