What is the little icon left side from the sleep timer?

Never seen this before. Can somebody enlighten me?

Thanks and cheers

You mean this?

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 11.46.10 AM

That is a power button for your streamer, at least it is for mine

Thanks yes this is what I mean, but it looks different at my side?
(On iPad right now, don’t know how to snip so whole screenshot)

Oh, ok. I have never seen that before. I am guessing it unlinks Roon and HQPlayer but that is a complete guess. Click it and see what happens :laughing:

It stops the playback. But clicking once again does nothing…

it does the same thing for me, I just have to restart my streamer again

Understood. Hmm, so you would not be so happy when you click it by mistake…

Were you able to get it playing again? I think it is a one control on your set up

I just need to hit play again. So in my setup it does exactly what pause does. At least I’ve not discovered anything else happening yet.

I dunno, that is strange. I get a similar symbol when I grouped two zones together but it was not exactly the same. Sorry I could not be of more help

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