What is the most critical Ethernet link with a Roon NUC server HIFI configuration?

I am wondering what is the most critical Ethernet link ?
Is it the Ethernet link between my Roon NUC server and my internet BOX ?
Is it the Ethernet link between my “3D LAB Nano Network Player” and my internet BOX ?

Today both my Roon NUC server and “network player” are very closed to my internet BOX.
I have two Ethernet cables 75 cm long each.

I would like to move my Roon NUC server a few meters from my internet BOX.

Is it a good idea ? Will that impact the performance of my hifi configuration ?

Is the Roon NUC server “just” here to control the operations and the most critical data traffic is between my internet BOX and my “network player” ? Who plays the more important role ?

I thank you very much for your help,

I’d say the Ethernet link between the NUC and the router is critical. Roon needs access the internet for streaming and the internal network for playback with both going at the same time.

For an Ethernet cable connection, the length of the cable is not relevant, as long as you do not exceed the maximum length provided by the standard (100 meters).
1 meter or 90 meters, it doesn’t matter, the speed will be the same.


What @DanielAvasilichioaei says, and be aware that all content goes through the Roon server first, where it’s converted to LPCM, treated according to the Muse settings for the respective zones, then sent to the end points via RAAT or the alternative protocols.

None of that is critical in the audiophile description jargon sense, since it’s about digital audio data packets at this stage of the process.


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