What is the "music" folder and why can't it be removed

In my “storage” area I have a folder called “Music Folder”. Unlike all the other folders in there, I don’t see an option to remove this one. I also don’t see a path for it.
Can someone tell me if it’s different in some way?

That references the OS’s default music folder. Like this:

so is there a reason I can’t delete it?

Also, and maybe I need another thread for this, I have deleted my other folders but artists and tracks that were in those (deleted) folders are still showing in roon (they show in Roon but cannot be played)

No you can’t delete, it’s a system default folder that’s hardcoded nto Roon for eases of access as lots of people and other apps just use the os defined structures On Windows it’s the same. Why do you want to delete it? If you want remove music from Room you need to delete it from the database, removing the storage wont do that for safety reasons and people want to move the music to different storage without having to reindex again.

I’m trying to delete it from the database but it’s still showing up in Roon .

The way I’m trying to delete it is by deleting the storage paths.
So, for a couple of other music locations, I have successfully deleted the path, but the artists and albums are still appearing in Roon (but are unplayable).

Is there a different way to bulk-delete music I don’t want (I can’t do it one at a time as there is a lot to remove)

That is not removing them from the database as I said storage can be changed so it doesn’t effect what’s already in your database it’s just a path to the files. You have to delete them from the database manually. To do a bulk one go to library in settings and press cleanup library and then select the top and second option.

I’ve tried that a few times but it doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Try ‘disable’ the default music folder in Roon, then do a library cleanup?

Yep already tried that. Still no luck

The music folder is an option presented the first time you install Roon KB - first launch.

Looking at your first screenshot, as there appear to be no tracks associated with that location, and you have performed a library clean-up, I think that folder should no longer be having any effect.

The problem I’m having is that I am now unable to bulk remove tracks from my library. As per screenshot I have over 40,000 tracks that need to be cleaned up.
I’ve tried numerous times but they are still there (note these tracks were not in my “music” folder, they were in other folders that I have deleted)

Hi Trevor,

Try rebooting your Roon Core and see if the tracks disappear.

Cheers, Greg

Sorry. Just confirming that it’s not the obvious. You are clicking on the ‘select’ box before clicking on the ‘clean’ button?

But, yes I am clicking the box (I have been known to make silly mistakes like that so it’s definitely a question worth asking :slight_smile: )

I don’t believe the issue has anything to do with the default music location.

I also don’t use Windows default location and simply disable it in Roon.

If those 40k tracks won’t leave, your dB is likely corrupt.

Hi @Trevor_Nathan,

You can’t remove the Music Folder, but you can Disable it.

If you reboot your Core machine is there any change in what you’re seeing here?

will try rebooting

Seems to have worked. Thanks all!

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