What is the neatest way of having a library of pdf files available via Roon?

For some time now I’ve appreciated being able to attach pdf files to albums with more reviews and extra information. It can be a hobby in itself!!

But this can mean duplicating material unnecessarily, something which could be avoided if there was some way of accessing a library of pdf files recorded on the same HDD as the ROON music. Is that possible now? If so, please direct me how. If not, can I ask for this facility please.

A very large pdf file I wish to access has sponsored this thought. There is an excellent booklet, available in pdf form from Hyperion, on the large volume of Leslie Howard recording of Lizst piano music. To attach that to each of the 90 odd albums in that set would be unwieldy and a waste of space.

About the only way I can see to do that currently would be to create a special dummy album and attach all extra pdf files to it but can see that after awhile that could be clumsy and it could become messy to find particular files. The neatest answer would be a library of created files, easily searched.

Any suggestions welcomed :yum:

If you have ‘presented’ this boxset to Roon with a folder structure with a subfolder for each individual disc, it should be enough to only have a copy of your PDF booklet in the first subfolder.
Normally Roon will show that for every disc.
If that dies not work, you can try to put the PDG at (group)folder level.

I think the PDF needs to be in a sub folder not the master folder, even in a big box it needs to be in CD1 etc, not sure why ?

Leslie Howard Liszt is split into volumes which Roon IDs fine , I am not sure it will ID the full set of 90 CDs

You may be able to use a Symbolic Link to the PDF — put one link in each Volume folder.

Good idea but how would I establish that “Symbolic Link”? It would have to be part of ROON to be accessible via iPad or other remote notebook.

You are right. The pdf file has to be in the sub folder but maybe that could be an answer if the ROON structure would allow it. Is that possible developers, or would it open up a spurious hornets nest?

Room reads through symlinks to the original file, and then presents the original file.