What is the new update (build 360)

I don’t see any notes…

maintenance release. Roon 1.5 (Build 360) Is Live!

@support, I downloaded and installed the Android APK on the downloads page. It does not seem to have been updated. It still says build 354.

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Sorry about that, looks like you caught the website team asleep at the switch :innocent:

It’s updated in the Play Store, website will be updated shortly.

Thanks for the heads up!

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With the previous Roon release (354), I was one of many who found that my Apple AirPort Express stopped appearing in Roon’s list of available AirPlay devices after the Express was updated to firmware version 7.8 (which provided support for AirPlay 2). I backtracked to firmware 7.6.9 and Roon immediately recognised it again.

Last night, my Express status light started flashing, notifying me that a firmware update was available. I took a chance and applied the update but was disappointed to see that the “new” version was still listed as 7.8. Annoyed, I prepared to downgrade to 7.6.9 again; but on a whim, I checked Roon (already updated to build 360) and was delighted to see that my Express was still visible.

I don’t know whether Apple re-released their 7.8 update with some change under the hood, or whether Roon’s latest build incorporates an unlisted fix for the MIA AirPort Express issue, or whether there was “collusion” involved. But one way or another, my updated Express is again welcome in Roon’s world and that makes me very happy!

I spoke too soon :frowning:

While everything looks OK, no music flows from the AirPort Express, even though Roon claims it is playing to that zone.

Oh well, back to firmware 7.6.9…

I need Roon more than I need AirPlay 2.

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