What is the relevance of showing % of song played in History?

I’m curious what the devs feel the purpose of showing this information in the history list? Why would it be useful? Does anyone use this information? And if so, for what?


What songs did I skip at the party last night?

Why doesn’t song X show up in playlist Y? (Playlist Y uses a last-played Focus selection criterion)

Why does song X show up in playlist Y?

My kid skipped several songs while I was in the “library”. Which ones did he skip?

You know, that’s like the 4th or 5th time I skipped that song before it was done playing. Time to ban it.

…and others I’m sure that I will be surprised to hear.

Thank you for the reply Jeff. Those are interesting use cases that I never thought of. It would be very useful then to be able to sort on % played column.

Thanks for asking the question because I hadn’t noticed the % played before.

I’ve had instances of songs stopping and skipping to the next track. Songs that could either be local or streamed from Tidal. When I researched, the history, it didn’t provide enough info.

I like having this info especially when something weird happens and I am not able to immediately investigate.

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