What is the Roon Client vs Server compatibility limits?

I have an iPhone SE w/iOS 9, at it is not interested in talking to the Roon Server.

You need to update the Roon software on the iPhone.

That’s ancient. Upgrade to iOS13 first – then update Roon on your phone.

You’ll be fine afterwards.

Roon needs at least iOS 11

The iPhone SE should take at least ios12, if not newer. So update that, install roon update and you’ll be fine.

I have iOS 13 on my company iPhone SE, and I have iOS 9 on my private one.

iOS 10 and above is designed totally with no iPhone SE in mind.

iPhone SE is amazing on iOS 9, iOS 13 on iPhone SE is clumsy the design simply does not match the format, it’s almost as stupid as Windows 8( FYI Windows 8 is a tablet OS ) on a computer.

The question is how many versions back I have to down grade the Roon Server to make it work with build 276 on the iPhone SE. And how I can download a matching version of Roon Server.

Hi @Gjermund_Thorsen,
Roon don’t support downgrading … if you’re insistent on sticking with iOS9 are you able just run Roon on you company iPhone that is running iOS13?

I already have this on iMac and iPad